The Lost Village Episode Review: 12 – Nanaki mirrors your soul

Mitsumune, Masaki, Mikage & Love-Pon can see Hayato’ nanaki. They are surprised he can control his nanaki. A small chase is given with Hayato getting infuriated with Mitsumune being with Masaki. Mikage scolds Mitsumune for being an idiot. The two friends talk out their issues. Until Hayato accepts his nanaki. A startling revelation is made by Koharun. Masaki eventually comes to terms about Reiji’ true nature. After a small discussion with Reiji about the true nature of the nanki. The group split up in to two groups; one who is going back to the real world. While the other remained in the village.

| This isn’t my Nanaki

— Mikage, episode 12

Points of Interests:
  • All can see Hayato’ nanaki
  • Hayato can control his nanaki – he also imprisoned Mitsumune’ nanaki
  • Koharun’ father is the old man – the professor that aged

lost village - 12 4

lost village - 12 7

I really loved hearing Love-pon screaming. It made me laugh. And I think Mikage pretty much summed up Mitsumune; an idiot. The episode certainly made an effort to conclude the story. Explain everything in one big swoop. I did the get feeling that they subtly hinted at a second season. I doubt this will ever be given the green light though.

A very interesting revelation on Koharun’ part. And it’s pretty much confirmed or rather unofficially confirmed that Valkana and Koharun will be shipped. Again this will never be confirmed officially. As for being the “villain” – wow she just sucked. All for a misguided cause. Mikage pretty much confirmed that he just jumps on the bandwagon. A small back story is given to Masaki. As to how Reiji came about.

It was interesting to see the group split; one remaining in the village, whilst the others going back to sort out their lives in the real world. I guess in a sense they did bond with one another; given how they depicted themselves as individuals who were ostracised or alone. It will be interesting to see how the group in the village manage. But as stated at the beginning I doubt a second season will occur.

Overall I felt the story could have been handled a lot better. Too bad it wasn’t.

To note: there will be a separate post regarding the future of episode reviews. It will be after this post.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: C+

And thus the end has come. It was pretty fun to watch a group of people try to live the utopian life style. I’m actually quite sad to see it end. It was very entertaining.


2 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 12 – Nanaki mirrors your soul

  1. The villain really did suck and was mostly superfluous to the story given they probably would have done the same kinds of things regardless of whether she was there with her lame attempts at egging them on. That whole plot line was just one more diversion which didn’t really go anywhere.


    1. I agree, a wasted plot line that just ended up being wasted – the whole series was in fact. It would have been hard to make her a “master manipulator”. She just didn’t come across that type. Too large character cast, which just didn’t develop. Don’t think that would have helped the series. With the way it was handled. Story dragged out, but led nowhere and then ended abruptly.

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