The Lost Village Episode Review: 11 – Get in the bus, and it’ll get the song in to you

The bus driver meets his deceased daughter Misato. Meanwhile back at the village, Valkana is aware of the lethargy amongst the rest of the group. When Maimai comes in to explain the situation to him. When Judgeness and Jack reveal their presence and start shooting fire arrows at the rest of the group. Valkana, Maimai, Nanako, Lion proceed to try and apprehend the duo. Only for Maimai and Lion to be taken hostage. Judgeness reveals who their true boss, shocking Valkana. Koharun approaches Hayato and gets his nanaki to grow to an exponential size. Meanwhile Mitsumune tries to go back to the village. With a shocking revelation in tow.

| Oh my ass got bit by a mosquito

— Toshi Boy, episode 11

Points of Interests:
  • That old man in episode 9 – who told Reiji and Masaki off is the proff in epi 10
  • Judgeness and Jack are shooting fire arrows at the group – even though none of them do a thing to the building
  • Koharun wants an even bigger nanaki to come out – she knows how to wrap people around her finger

lost village - 11 3

lost village - 11 4

The pacing still sucked. For what was a slow paced anime, they are piling on the pace too quickly. And it is noticeable. As for the episode, it is so much better than last weeks one. As it finally starts to explain things a lot more clearly. Too bad it took so long to get here. They’ve could have actually picked up the pace and mystery much earlier around episode 6 onwards.

There were 2 things that were just so funny. Firstly the fire arrows that Jack was shooting; the hell they did absolutely NOTHING. Even Jingkou dismissed them as nothing. What was the purpose of it???. The other one was Hayato’ grandma…..a fish tail???. That CGI nanaki is just terrible xDD.

Well Mikage has finally lost it. He has gone nuts, all because he lost the respect and admiration of the group. Not surprising really, since he was a power nut after all. Love-pon is still love pon. Her mental instability really is a cause for concern. Speaking of mental stability the bus driver finally got to say good bye to his daughter – even his nanaki daughter loved him. It was a touching moment.

A startling revelation on two accounts; one of Reiji and the other. Just how manipulative is Koharun?. Getting Hayato all worked up like that. Just what exactly is her purpose?. What will she gain from this. I knew there was something about that old man!!. He is the professor in episode 10. I hope the last episode explains things. But I fear they will either rush it or leave it on a cliff hanger. With hopes of getting a second season. If it is the latter – I somehow doubt it will get the green light.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: C+

The last episode is next….


One thought on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 11 – Get in the bus, and it’ll get the song in to you

  1. Please do not let there be another season of this. While watching one season has kind of been an interesting experience in its own right, as you must admit at least you can’t predict what is going to happen because none of it has made sense; watching a second season just makes no sense. Let it end, one way or another, and let’s hope whatever happens, they at least knock off a couple of the characters.


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