The Lost Village Episode Review: 10 – Danger past, God forgotten

Mitsumune wakes up in hospital to be greeted by his father. He reveals that his mother is more or less aware of Mitsumune existence. But is having a hard time getting over the trauma of losing Tokimune. His dad realises the pain he has been causing his son the entire time. A character who thought dead a few episodes ago returns. With a startling revelation. The girls mysterious rescuer is none other than Masaki’ cousin Reiji. He gives an explanation to goings on, in the village. At the same time Mitsumune is given a far more in-depth explanation of the true nature of the village. Meanwhile back at the village the other members are starting to show signs of discontent.

| Of course you won’t trust me…

— Mitsumune’ dad, episode 10

Points of Interests:
  • The village is connected to the person’ mental state – if they heal from their emotional wounds the village kicks them out. But at a cost
  • The secondary cast are being killed off
  • A shocking revelation as to who Judgeness and Jack’ boss is

lost village - 10 1

lost village - 10 4

The pacing just sucked. It really feels like an episode is skipped. Other than that, lets get in to the meat of the episode. Quite interesting, as I’ve been keep saying that mayogia is like the anime version of the tv show lost. The village has a mystical nature about it, but it has a price attached to it.

The crux of the episode is the emotional scars that the person has. And just how deep it runs. To the point that it if anyone who heals or leaves that part behind, they lose themselves. In other words “your past creates or moulds you, so don’t forget it”. However the way it explains it, is pretty much nonsensical. It gives way to the psycho-babble than actually telling the story, the mythos or lore behind the village and how it comes to be. I’m pretty sure it will be explained in the penultimate episode. In some form – I guess. As guessed, that mysterious saviour of the girls is Masaki’ cousin Reiji.

Pretty interesting that Mikage had the right suspicions on Koharun. Only to be side-lined by Masaki. Which by the way is quite funny, the mob are all tired of Mikage leading them. But are now suffering some form of lethargy – which seems to be connected to the village and their mental state. The return of a certain character was surprising. But it did nothing.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: D

 The pacing of the episode pretty much ruined it.


2 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 10 – Danger past, God forgotten

  1. I think all this series has left is Psycho-Babble because no rational explanation will cut it at this point. And if they throw enough Psycho-Babble at us we may just start accepting it and stop looking for an actual reason.
    Really looking forward to the end of this series just so that I can say it ended.

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    1. XDD, pretty much. The show had a thing going for it, but on this particular episode it dropped it. Well some would say it dropped it way before. I’m not holding out much for the end either after this.

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