Video Games News: PS4 gets FF12 remastered

If you’ve ever played FF12 on the PS2 then you’d be pleased to know. That a remaster has been announced by Square Enix. And it’s on the PS4.

Source Dualshockers:

Final Fantasy XII‘s HD Remaster The  Zodiac Age from the Japanese arm of Square Enix, the North American counterpart of the publisher sent in a follow-up press release confirming a western release for the game with a 2017 time frame

I enjoyed FF12 – even though I never finished it. I particularly liked Ashe (if you like Ashe, then a nudge towards Light may be in favour). Vaan didn’t do so much for. Fran and Balthier were the best duo and they were pretty good characters too. The combat stats always did confuse me – in conjunction with the weapons. The story however….is much to be desired for. An emphasis on the politics side of things certainly made the game a bit drab. The job system wasn’t all that to be honest. I preferred the sphere grid in FF10. And to this day, it still is the best implemented system in the entire franchise.

Do you still have memories of this game?. Did you like or dislike it?. Are you looking forward to this series getting a remaster?. As usual peeps, down in the comment section. Let your coo’ be heard….er read!!!!.


20 thoughts on “Video Games News: PS4 gets FF12 remastered

  1. FF12 is among the top FF installments I love. I believe FF12, FF9, and the earlier titles is how Final Fantasy should be — not like the angsty 7 and 8 (and probably 15). FF9 specially is a breath of fresh air and I honestly enjoyed it more as a kid than 7 and 8 combined. FF12 isn’t that lighthearted compared to 9, but it shares a common denominator with 9 which is its take on the “fantasy” aspect of its world. The only thing I disliked with 12 is its rather weak and forgettable cast. Plot is so-so;; but other than that, the open world and “real time” battles really got me hooked.

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    1. I pretty much liked 8 but Rinoa just annoyed me like hell. Yeah FF7 is just pure angsty, with a badly written story line imo. 9 certainly went back to its roots. And I enjoyed it too. Vaan and Penelo were certainly forgettable. Yeah I agree 12 is enjoyable.


  2. FFXII was the first FF I have not replayed. I didn’t even bother to import the International version, although I know a lot of people liked it (and the vanilla version as well).

    For me, it’s…just…so…slow… So many people hate on random encounters, but at least I can usually equip Enc-none or quickly escape. I hate going back to any place since it takes forever. Vaan and Penelo are basically filler characters, and it shows in the story. I kept forgetting the story since you get sidetracked or put it down, and it’s like, “Who are you? What am I doing?” You also need a guide if you want to complete everything. I really don’t see this as a day one purchase for me unless there’s an amazing first press bonus or an amazing deal.

    I do think that if Square Enix took the best of XII and the best of XIII and put it together, it would just about be the perfect Final Fantasy game.

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    1. Absolutely Krystal. Vaan and penelo were just….there….and did nothing more. And yet Hope from 13 gets more stick. XDD, yeah even I found the story to be so slow. That is one of the biggest compliant I’ve heard about this game. At least you completed it, I never seem to finish any of the JRPG’ I play. Well except star ocean 4. And that was a job and a half.

      Yeah some of the quests were just damn hard. And the fights with the zodiac, what the hell!.

      Funny you say that, I guess they did try, but just implemented it so badly. Hope there is a good deal :D.

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  3. FF12 was alright, although for me it signaled a decline in FF quality. The Playstation One era was a golden age for the FF franchise. Yeah, Vaan isn’t great but thankfully he plays second fiddle to Balthier, Ashe and Bunny Girl once the intro is over.

    With respect to FF remasters as I am more interested in FF9. It came out on mobile. When will it come to the PS4 or Vita?

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    1. I’m guessing you’re anticipating FF7 remake?. How do you feel about it being episodic?. It probably will make it’s way. Most of the FF games that were on the PS consoles are making their way to the PS4 anyway. Wouldn’t mind 8. That one gets little attention for some reason.

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      1. I’m actually not that keen on the FF7 Remake because they have turned it into an action game. Generally speaking I don’t like it when stuff is broken up into multiple parts. When Telltale release something I am interested in I tend to wait for all the episodes to come out.

        FF8 was cool. It had a decent story and some brill music. I think Squall and co don’t get much love because the system of drawing magic from enemies could get a bit tedious. On the plus side you could attack enemies by throwing a dog at them.

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      2. XDD true. Plus you could miss summons, if you don’t draw. I know I missed Siren from my play through. Surprisingly I wasn’t aware that they made FF7 in to an action game. That boils down to the fact the original game is pretty much disliked.

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      1. xDD. Well at least you got to enjoy your nap there Ren :D. Personally FF7 is the only game in the franchise that I dislike the most.

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      2. It was different from watching , say, Ratchet and Clank. I nagged him about finishing it already, to the point that I had to sneak to his room and played the game when he was not home. lol I was that kind of young sibling.

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      3. XDD go Ren!!!. I’m terrible at platformers. I always miss time my jump and end up dying.


      4. I love all platform games. I think I’m very good at the, if I may say so myself. lol Also stealth. What I’m really terrible at are games where I have to aim, like Resident Evil .

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      5. Ah third person shooters. I actually prefer them over that drab, repetitive first person shooters.


  4. I heard that this game was quite popular for PS2. I never played it but got curious on it. I did hear from Square that the game will allow players play the game with the classic soundtrack or the new update version.

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    1. It certainly was quite popular on the PS2 (dwarfed only by 10). Didn’t know that xDD. That is interesting, hearing two new versions of the sound track.

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