The Lost Village Episode Review: 09 – Hyoketsu in the moonlight

Valkan and Koharun encounter Hyoketsu no Judgeness – who was thought to be dead. He partially reveals that there is another party at work. Meanwhile in the bus, Hayato quizzes Masaki further about her claims. She seems to be unsure. The bus driver thinks Masaki will allow him to be with his daughter. Hayato, Maskai, Mitsumune arrive at the end of the tunnel. They see a message left for her by Reiji on a rock. They then travel further in to Nanaki. Hayato reveals his abusive past to Mitsumune. Valkana and Mitsumune fight their monsters. Maimai, Nanko and Lion encounter Jack and another person. 

| Who are you talking about?

— Valkana, episode 9

Points of Interests:
  • Hyouketsu no Judgeness is alive and he claims “they” told him to stop any one from leaving
  • A message for Maskai was left behind by Reiji on a rock
  • Hayato comes from an abusive household – his family coincidently are wealthy

lost village - 9 2

lost village - 9 4

Called it!!! I knew Hayato is a controlling twat!!!. It is not that surprising to find out that Hayato exhibits the same type of controlling tendencies as his parents does. Though he getting beaten by his parents is rough. Does it make me feel sorry or empathetic towards him in the slightest? not really.

The village itself is pretty interesting. Straight off the bat, a fog covered village. Oh so scary, normally that signifies supernatural things are at work. Just think of silent hill. So were they are on the outskirts of the village?. Because as the trio went further in it became more like a small town. It had a small factory and all. Very interesting.

I swear this anime is becoming more and more like the TV show Lost. Let’s see the similarities between the two.  A group of people are on some form of transport: check. They are all heading in the same direction: check. They suddenly find themselves stranded on a deserted place: check. They find abandoned buildings littered around the place: check. Now you have “others” habiting the same place: check. Back stories are given to characters; check.

As for Maskai…she’s starting to annoy me. She knows more than she is letting on and it’s getting pretty irritating. As for the monsters, it’s pretty interesting that the monsters weren’t that big or threatening. Maybe it’s down to the fact that they are slowly getting over their mental hangups?. And what’s with the ending?.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: B-

More is less revealed.

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