First Impressions: Tales of Zesteria; Doushi no Yoake

 Studio: Ufotable

Director: Sotozaki, Haruo | Air Date: 30/12/2014

Tales of series is a pretty big name amongst the JRPG genre. Whilst it isn’t as big as Final Fantasy. The name and some of the games can hold their own against it. What is known about the series is, unlike FF the game retains its anime art style. Coupled with some skits in game – characters interacting with each other whilst voicing their thoughts on things – a good story line, a decent game mechanic (for the most part). What really sells the game is; the characters.

Now that little info dump is out of the way, let’s begin the first impression.

Tales of Zesteria; Doushi no Yoake (dawn of the shepherd) is based off of the game of the same name. It follows Sorey. The main lead in the game. He is accompanied by Mikelo, a seraph or in other words a celestial being. Who is also his best friend. Only Sorey can see the seraphs, since he has lived amongst them for a very long time. And he meets a human girl by the name of Alisha (who just happens to be a princess – but her mother has low status). Together with Mikelo, they embark on a quest to fulfil Sorey’ dream of uniting humans and seraphs living together. And to fulfil his destiny as the shepherd who will drive away the calamity from the world.

The movie clearly is the prelude / opening to the game. As it explains very little – literally. I guess the whole point of this is to get you in to the game. A new way to market your game perhaps?. I can’t really say I got a lot out of it. For a 44 minute movie….it’s a waste. Only if you want to see what the (partial) world looks like. The art is outstanding since it’s done by Ufotable. Other than that…nothing. Oh we get to meet a big bad, saw a small fight scene  before jetting off somewhere. Guess he’s camera shy huh?.

It’s interesting that the world that Sorey inhabits is in fact the same world that will host yet another game. Also to note, there will be a tv version airing this summer; tales of zesteria the X. Be sure that I’ll want to check it out.

For this,

The initial impression this anime left me feeling:

Overall impression: Disappointed

Have you seen this movie or played the game?. Or even done both?. If so, what did you think of the movie?. Did it add or subtract things away from the game. If you’ve done neither would like to play the game or just see the movie?. Does the movie get you interested in the franchise?. Let me know in the comment section below.


10 thoughts on “First Impressions: Tales of Zesteria; Doushi no Yoake

  1. I watched both the Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss anime adaptations and walked away really enjoying Symphonia — So much so, in fact, that I picked up the game for PS3 when it came over to the states. Haven’t gotten very far with it because I’m a terrible gamer >.< but maybe this summer I will progress. Sounds like this sucked, other than the production value. That's a shame, considering that this is the prelude to the game and the anime coming out. I plan to watch that one!

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      1. Example… Persona games. those who are not familiar with, much less, played the game would never know what the heck the roles of the guy with the long nose and a woman companion are.

        And I don’t like if there’s no resolution at the end of the story. This is always true in otome games.

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