The Lost Village Episode Review: 08 – Visiting Nanaki before doubting Masaki

Masaki is bound to a pole. With the group all clambering to execute her and Mitsumune trying to save her. She recounts her story to them. She has been to the village before as a young girl. The village hasn’t changed from then or in present day. Her cousin went missing as he saw a “monster” and started running, whilst Masaki saw nothing. She fell from a cliff and ever since then has tried to return to the village. As the group wanted to continue where they left off, the bus driver drags Masaki in to the bus along with Mitsumune, with Speed star in tow. Valkana and Koharun try to find the bus when they meet an unexpected person.

| I’ll tell you the truth……..

— Masaki, episode 8

Points of Interests:
  • Masaki visited the village before when she was younger
  • There are several markings to indicate the location of the village
  • An old man tries to warn off Masaki and her cousin Reiji from going to the village

the lost village - 8 1

the lost village - 8 3

This episode left me with questions than answers. The most important one of is; there are more of these types of villages??. And that old man bothers me. Where did he come from?. Masaki looked younger then, so I’m guessing a few years passed by. It’s interesting to note the village hasn’t changed at all. Almost like the village is trapped in time.

I say that because in the flash back the young Masaki notes that people just recently lived there. And when the group arrives at the village, the cleaning lady said the same thing; at best people lived there recently. So it gives weight to my claim.

As for the rest of the group…they are flip-flopping so much from disbelief to believing and back again. They can’t make their minds up. Mikage is pissed, Valkana the anti-hero seems to have caught the lovely Koharun’ attention. Amidst all that a love triange is blooming; Maimai, Mitsumune and Masaki. And Hayato is one controlling twat. He now sees Masaki as an obstacle. Perfect.

Extra Bonus:

See if you can spot this gaff.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: C

A intriguing back story.


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