Video Games News: Valkyria: Azure Revolution Changes

Valkyria Azura is really shaping up to be an interesting game. I do hope that the series gets the recognition it deserves as the previous instalments went unnoticed.

source DualShockers:

As a consequence, the battle system has been changed significantly from the demo, and details will be published on the official site. It’s more RPG-like.

The demo’s battle system had action elements that were too intense for an RPG, not allowing for careful consideration while fighting. To fix that, an “action gauge” has been introduced for allies and enemies. Each character can act when the gauge fills up. There will also be an optional system allowing the player to stop time while selecting actions and arts.

The game is also using a new engine. The previous game on the PS3 used a watercolour-esq engine called canvas. And bloody hell it was gorgeous to see and play. I really hope the changes doesn’t make too much difference to the overall game.

Do you have a PS4?. If so are you looking forward to this game?. If not will you try out the previous game and this one, when you get the chance?.


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