The Lost Village Episode Review: 07 – When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play Mischief

A flash back is shown of Mitsumune having a twin brother. That twin brother is now dead. His mother had a mental break down, not only that she had a hard time connecting or dotting on Mitsumune and focused on Tokimune, his brother. Mitsumue decided to live out his brother’ life, whilst erasing his own existence. Masaki and Mitsumune tried to leave the village but Mitsumune couldn’t. The rest of the group convinced themselves that Masaki is a ghost and needs to be taken care of.

| If you really want to go back, you have to face and fight yourself

— Masaki, episode 7

Points of Interests:
  • Mitsumune has a twin brother named Tokimune – who passed away when they were kids
  • His mother had a mental breakdown – Mitsumune was asked to be his deceased brother to keep her mentally stable
  • Mikage asks why everyone hears and sees the monster differently

the lost village - 7 1

the lost village - intro 7 2

For gods sake, the proverbial pitch fork and torch. Talk about living up to the stereotyped scene.

A very interesting episode, one which gives a good amount of info dump on on our MC, Mitsumune. I will say this before I continue; a mothers love should be unconditional to her child, but she can’t help but forge favourites. Whilst I understand his mother suffered a severe mental shock in losing her child, but to ignore her other child is down right neglect. And what made it worse is that Mitsumune and his father played up to it. They didn’t help – at all. So in a good way, it explains why he used his real name and not a handle or nickname. He didn’t want to be living in his brothers shadow any longer. Which is kind of relevant to what Maskai said in the quote above. Well more like relevant to the whole episode.

I get what the running theme is now; existentialism. Each member feel like the world they live in, don’t understand them. So rather facing up to the world, they’re just running away. And they find the perfect scape goat in Masaki.

Who the hell brings wooden stakes to a supposed ghost?. A big disappointment with speedstar. The more level headed one, caves in to peer pressure and goes nuts. He also thinks he knows what’s best for Mitsumune. Lovepon’ mental instability is rather concerning. The best bit is when she threw up on a guy.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: B

Is the group tearing itself apart with fear?.


2 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 07 – When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play Mischief

  1. I wonder why they think they can kill Masaki (when they think she’s a ghost) and yet when Lion declared Mitsumune was dead the girls decided that if he was already dead there was nothing to kill. Consistency of thoughts is not something this cast is big on.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.

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    1. Your welcome :). Yeah their thoughts are just all over the place. Good spot too, about Mitsumune. I guess it was his personality that made them think otherwise. That article about Masaki didn’t help as it just whipped them in to a mass hysteria.

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