CubbySoundHole: Aldnoah / Zero (END)

Hey up cubbies!!, yes this post is uber late. It was supposed to have come out last week, but I was kind of busy. So this week will have to do. Well a certain composer certainly seemed to have become my favourite -of sorts- yes Hiroyuki Sawano makes another entry. This time with a song that is pretty groovy.

This anime had people buzzing in S1, unfortunately S2 didn’t live up to the hype. Yes Aldnoah / Zero. Where you feel more for Slaine than that rather bland character named Inaho. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, I’m not a Inaho fan. It’s ironic that I pick a song where the humans are getting their behinds trounced by a “xeno” life form – hint from the last entry I put up -.

I really like this track. Too bad the anime wasn’t all that.

Anyway, without further ado ladies and gents, I present to you: aLIEz – by Hiroyuki Sawano.


Leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think of it. Also would you like me to put one your favourite OP / Endings up on CubbySoundHole?. If so, let me know down below as well. Take care guys.


3 thoughts on “CubbySoundHole: Aldnoah / Zero (END)

  1. It is a huge shame what became of Aldnoah.Zero. That especially sucks considering that it was my favorite simulcast at the time. In my rebellion, I did buy the first two parts on DVD from Aniplex. Blu-ray just ain’t worth it, and I don’t want to touch season two with a ten-foot pole after watching it as a simulcast (JK, it wasn’t that bad, but pretty not-good). At least we got this epic ED by Sawano. Yep, this is the good stuff!

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  2. ‘S okay, I liked Slaine too. Overpowered MCs are for wannabes anyways. XD

    (…btw in case an Orange fan comes after me I’m JOKINGmostlyJOKING so don’t take it personally)

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