Spring / Summer first impression: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

What will you do if you were just happening to mind your own business, when suddenly… bam!. You’re in another world. Well this what happened to Natuski Subaru (yes the name of the car). And not just any world, oh no you’re in a fantasy / RPG world. Where magic is the norm. Well normally this would be your usual cliched anime if the MC had a hidden power that unlocks in the most stupidest of ways, namely walking in to the leading lady changing room (okay that’s a joke).

But nope, not for Subaru who happens to be down on his luck. His power doesn’t manifest itself in the way which most do. His power is called “returns by death”. Essentially if you were playing a game, then this would be called a check / save point. Basically whenever he dies, he goes back the last particular spot. Only he retains his memories, whilst others don’t. Talk about plot armour (quite literally). He was summoned by someone, but he doesn’t know who.

The leading lady that has captured the heart of our MC is named Emilia. And she is a powerful spell caster – who has a spiritual familiar named Puck.

This anime is kind of bitter-sweet. Whenever Subaru tries to get close to Emilia….tragedy happens. He gets killed off and has to re-live that particular junction in that time, where he has to re-create memories with Emilia or others. Luckily Subaru gets to the bottom of things, by not making the same mistakes he made in the previous life. In order to ensure the memories he (re)makes stay.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: High-Medium

Screen-shot Gallery:
Gallery 1:

rezero - 1

rezero - 2

Gallery 2:

rezero - 4

rezero - 5


Have you seen this show?. If so, what are your impressions of it?. What did you like / dislike about the show. If you haven’t, would you consider watching this show?. Let me know down in the comments section below.


6 thoughts on “Spring / Summer first impression: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

  1. Currently catching up on this. I love the conflict between ‘powers of fantasy world’ and ‘powers of Subaru’s world’ with our understanding of where Subaru gets his talents slowly unfolding. Everything about the show is really above average and can only get better.

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    1. Exactly!, the show is a sleeper hit to me : D. The show is just brutal to Subaru, both physically and mentally. How many times can you die and have to (re)create new memories with the same people over and over again.

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  2. So far, I really like this show. The production is very well done, even if the series presents an ample amount/number of clichés. I like how the dark nature of the series is not only shown by gore, but also in the apparent hysteria possessed by Subaru, especially when he has to re-do events in time.

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    1. It has that slight zany quirk to it which adds charm to the show. Absolutely, each time he dies, he remembers the pain and agony of it. So it’s good that the show keeps that dark nature. I feel for him, having to redo everything again. Only to lose it at any moment he gets killed. I agree the production is well done.


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