The Lost Village Episode Review: 06 – The monk’s immortality

The small group led by Mikage gets duped out. Masaki leads Mitsumune to safety only to see a monstrous deformed image of that penguin plushie. Nyantaa, Gouka and Lovepon get separated from Mikage. They are then chased by some images, images which strike fear in to them. It appears these images are from their past. Koharun then reveals some really startling information.

| You’re surprisingly jumpy

— Gouka, episode 6

Points of Interests:
  • Lovepon has an abusive step-father – who is also a Buddhist monk. Her biological father left her and her mother in debt.
  • Nyantaa gets bullied as a girl
  • Gouka wants to join the SDF and gets a height implant – that scars him

An interesting episode. And fairly insightful too. Mostly back stories to; Lovepon, Nyantaa Gouka and partially Mikage. Mikage pretty much confirmed my suspicions of him. Wanting to lead. And this episode pretty much nailed his ambitious side. He essentially hates failing. And boy did he fail in his previous life. Would have gotten a bit more sympathy from me, but he is such an arrogant twit!.

Gouka. Not really sure what to make of his back story. It doesn’t invoke a strong feeling of sympathy. But it does make me understand the pain of going that extra mile of wanting to live his dream. Nyantaa is actually a pretty sad one. A bullied girl, who got in to shooting because of some girls who were bullying her. And a pretty good shooter she is. Quite cruel by the other girls, to have her stand underneath a bee hive  whilst being tied up – so it explains why she is afraid of bees.

Lovepon is the most interesting one. And it gives a reason as to why she is the way she is. On one hand I’m sympathetic towards her. On the other hand, she needs to see a therapist – because she is one mental case.

I can see why the show wanted to give these characters a back story, to make them look less “villainous”. But the show did it in such a bland way, that it made me feel little for them. The stark revelation at the end couldn’t save it from being a very average episode. Which is the only highlight for me.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: C

A tale of four, where all is told.

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