The Lost Village Episode Review: 05 – Three Yunnas is a crowd

The group have returned to the village. As the group explains of the problems they’ve hit, they also mention that Jack has escaped and that they lost one of their members. Mikage’ leadership role is falling apart in front of his eyes, but he does throw around accusation to Koharun and Masaki. From this fall out, a small splinter group has formed. Mikage’ group kidnap Mitsumune to get some information.

| I’ve should have drowned them in the river back then!

— Love-pon

Points of Interests:
  • Mikage has finally noticed that everyone is hearing that roar differently
  • Fear and irritation is griping the group
  • Lion sees dead people

the lost village - 5 2

the lost village - 5 1

Finally!!!! called it!!!. Like I said, Mikage attempt at being the leader is falling apart. So rather than try to maintain that position, he alienates himself. Only to get a small following. And what happens, under handed tactics were used. He thinks Koharun is the suspicious character, yet he has a nut job right in front of him. In the form of Lovepon. The thing that I said in my last post, finally gets addressed here. Mikage notices that everyone is NOT hearing the same thing.

Lovepon is officially INSANE. The fact that she admitted outright that she attacked…sorry attempted to kill Mitsumune, doesn’t even bother the group not even the slightest bit. And they don’t even try to lock her up, but they were quick enough to lock up Jack?. Makes no sense.

What Lion said is very interesting.

Hmm…that ending. It appears that this thing that they all see, its appearance varies from person to person. What I have deducted is that, what they see occurs when they are under heavy duress or stress. Like when Mitsumune was kidnapped. What he saw was a deformed version of what normally makes him feel safe. And what was it that Maskai was about to say. And more importantly, why wasn’t she panicking like Mitsumune was.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: B+

What is the real mystery about this village.


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