The Lost Village Episode Review: 04 – Yottsun’ drowning

The group tried to locate the body of Yottsun in the dark, with no such luck. When the group hear a terrifying roar. The group interpret the sound differently – from person to person. Valkana is still insisting on finding the missing Yottsun. When the group led by Mikage decided to leave the village. The leaving group using the same way they entered find themselves unable to leave.

| But if it happened so fast, maybe it wasn’t him you saw

— Mikage, episode 4

Points of Interests:
  • People interpret the “roar” sound differently
  • Some tried to leave but end up not being able to leave
  • Mikage suspects Koharun and thinks Masaki may know more

the lost village -  4 2

the lost village -  4 1

The show opens up with the group wanting to find the body of Yottsun, but then just completely ignores that little bit of mystery as the show goes on. It shifts entirely on the self-preservation of the group, who wanted to have this utopian life, but only it turned in to a complete nightmare for them. It does gets interesting and weird at the same time at the end.

I’ll tackle the “roar” first, it’s pretty interesting that people aren’t hearing the same thing at first. In any given situation, most people / groups will hear the exact same thing. Not hear what they want to hear. This could boil down to denial. As to what they were supposedly “hearing”, come on!!.

Mikage is an interesting character. And I suspected, he has taken on a leader role. As he is the one who instigated in leaving the village. Though he might have a point in suspecting someone is a nut job (wouldn’t rule out love-pon) in the group. And he certainly is on to something regarding Masaki. She knows far more than she is letting on. What the bus driver said is interesting. He claims he saw his “daughter”. And what’s with that little shrine in the forest?. And that giant “Mitsumune”.

Don’t tell me it’s trying be lost?.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: B-

The mystery only deepens.


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