The Lost Village Episode Review: 03 – Aloof

The group are now worried about the two members, so they create a search party. What shocked them is the blood stained claw marking on a tree and hear a hideous growl. The group is now in a panic. Mitsumune finds a roughed up Masaki. The group question her about the missing Yottsun. The group eventually learn of a delinquent is amongst them.

| If you’re attacked, protect your head and stomach

— Jigoku no Gouka, episode 3

Points of Interests:
  • Blood stained tree with large claws marks
  • The field crops are well maintained
  • A juvenile delinquent is in on the bus tour – a former classmate of Maimai

lost village - 3

lost village - 33

As I suspected, the group is slowly breaking up and mob mentality is creeping in. Fear is the cause of this. The group has its work cut out if they want this ‘utopian’ dream. But with the way they are, doubt that will happen. From a psychological perspective. It is interesting. They represent just a small sample of what can be found in a social experiment – in a environment that is out of their comfort zone. And their collective mentality is not that surprising.

Fear and scapegoat, is the biggest thing that will dominate a group, self-preservation is instinctual. So for them to blame Masaki for the disappearance of Yottsun, is not that surprising. However, her story doesn’t add up. How long was he gone?, why didn’t she return back to the group for help, when she noticed he went missing for a period of time. Rather than continue this line of questioning, they just dropped it. That’s it. Instead we get Valkana walking around the outskirts of the village, still looking for him.

The other thing that is interesting; is the village really deserted?. As Koharun noted. The village’ fields are maintained. And just what exactly did Mitsumne see?. Love-pon is just plain crazy, at the same time I can say that fear and anxiety has completely over taken her. Logic and rational thinking is gone. Will the same be said for the rest of the group, should “Jack” ever escape?.

I’ll end with this; it’s not the bear in the woods they should be scared of. It’s the wolf in sheep’ clothing amongst them.

For this episode, I’m giving it:

Grade: B

 Can the group survive their new found ordeal?.


6 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 03 – Aloof

  1. Yes! My mind has been continually drawn to the mob mentality and the scapegoating that is occurring. And it certainly puts me in mind of a horrible social experiment. I hope the show explores these elements even more.

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  2. I’m really warming up to Lost Village. At first it was weird and a little slow but things are progressing nicely as we learn more about the characters and they start forming their relationships. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Your welcome :). Yeah the series is pretty slow for most people. I think the mystery is slowly building up along with the group, so it will be interesting. So long the series continue the way it is. Other I’ll be disappointed if it suddenly speeds up.


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