The Lost Village Episode Review: 02 – Blinding Mist

As the group move towards the fabled village, they hit a small snag. They decided to leave the bus and the bus driver behind. Upon reaching the village, the small group are left in bewilderment. The village isn’t the utopia they were all hoping for. For what stood in front of them is a decrepit village. Dahara and Koharu come under question. When two of the groups members go missing. 

| In return, please don’t speak a word about Nanaki Village

— Mikage, episode 2

Points of Interests:
  • The group essentially guilt trips the bus driver in to silence – via giving their wallets up
  • Hayato “speed star” learnt of the tour first. Mitsumune and Hayato also attend an all boys school
  • The village has been abandoned for at least a year

the lost village - 2the lost village - 3

Really interesting episode. For one the group’ dynamics changed, when they opted to silence the bus driver by giving him their wallets. Mikage is a piece of work. He knows how to get things his way. And towards the end, as one of the other members said “you’re just jumping on the bandwagon” – in other words, Mikage has (un)intentionally put himself forward as the group leader. When he “questioned” Dahara and Koharu – even though Nanko is the one that questioned the legitimacy of the tour / knowledge acquired.

As for the village itself. Not what the group hoped or dreamed of. A derelict village. Explains everything. All though it is curious that the village is semi-looked after. As Yunno stated, it was habited just a year ago. There is some back story of speed star and Mitsumune. They are child hood friends. And they attend an all boys cram school.

Plenty of questions raised. And it certainly increased the atmosphere and tension. Which I thought the episode did really well. The mystery isn’t laid on too thickly, it does just enough to give some tid bits, to make you wonder what really happened to the previous occupants. And why was the village deserted. Self-governing is another thing the group will be contending. Which will be interesting to see. Will Mikage be the group’ leader?. I hope not.

Grade: B+

The mystery deepens with a deserted village.

4 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 02 – Blinding Mist

  1. Well, I agree Mikage can control bus driver so he can’t throw his negative emotions toward them in ep 2 but I started to not be sure in ep3-4. (especially, when you take a look at his expression in the ED song in ep4) …Creep.

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      1. Personally, I haven’t clicked with one yet. So I wouldn’t say annoy. Maybe, I wouldn’t rule it out for more know as to what’s really going on.

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