CubbySoundHole: Uncontrollable – Xenoblade Chronicles X (BTL)

Well hey up my dear peeps!!!. It’s that time of the month again. I’ve tweeted this, but will mention it over here. I’ve moved the Cubbysoundhole from Fri to Sat. The schedule is still the same; that is every 1st and 3rd week of each month. Also I’m now including video games OST /music. Now that’s out of the way.

Well for this weeks pick. I went with a song that is…unusual. It’s from the game Xenoblade Chronicles X. A fantastic game for the Wii U. Pick it up folks, its a gem. That’s not what makes it unusual xDD. Nope, well take a read at the lyrics and I’ll explain;

The wind blows hard in December
Our last fight, do you remember?
Counting the days, since we left
You and I, slipping away

The Days gone by when you loved me
No way, the way you now treat me
Pouring wine into my glass
Looking back to where we were?

There’s no direction for us
Here it comes the endless fight

Show us the light, for now
Show us a sign for where we can go
Into the cave with no guiding light
Do you know…?
Where is the goal?
Don’t just follow
We can try, because we’re living now
It’s bitter, so many sorrows
But we can swallow
It’s gonna be our hardest times

Every time I ask the smallest thing
You get mad or just ignore
I don’t want to hear (Every time I ask the smallest thing)
How long we’ve been here
There’s no chance for fear (You get mad)
It’s uncontrollable (Or just ignore)

All things gone from left to right (Let’s get started again)
And this world is changing fast (Do not tire yourself)
It’s so hard to find an answer for itself (We’ll get back the life for ourselves today)
Can we find the key to life? (Let’s get started again)
I don’t want to be a part (Do not scare yourself)
There’s a space ship we can ride (We can take this ride for ourselves)
Now it’s time to ride

Let’s get started again
Do not tire yourself
We’ll get back the life for ourselves today
Let’s get started again (Can we find the key to life?)
Do not scare yourself (I don’t want to be a part)
We can take this ride for ourselves (There’s a spaceship we can ride)
(Now it’s time to ride)

This is essentially a love song…for a tyrant fight. Yes you’ve read that correctly!. A tyrant is like a mini-boss, or a special mob that can be of a high level (doesn’t mean it will be of high level). Boy hell do I have a funny story, I was in the Noctilum area. In the water area, when I went up to what looked like a wreckage in the water….turned out it wasn’t. It was a freaking tyrant. A freaking level 60 tyrant!. I just got the hell out of there, most of my party got wiped – I was just lousy level 16. From what I’ve read on yt comments…that assumption is pretty common.

Anyway, guess who is the composer for the games O/ST is. Oh just some composer named SAWANO HIROYUKI.

So with out further ado, ladies and gents. I present to you; uncontrollable – Sawano Hiroyuki.


Leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think of it. Also would you like me to put one your favourite OP / Endings up on CubbySoundHole?. If so, let me know down below as well. Take care guys.


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