Video Games News: The end of an era for the X360

With a great beginning, comes a great end. Microsoft has announced that they will stop manufacturing the X360.

source Gamespot:

Microsoft has ended production of the Xbox 360, the company announced today. The system was introduced in November 2005 and has sold more than 84 million units. Online services for the console will remain available.

The reasoning for that is pretty obvious – their focus is now on the Xbone (Xbox  One). Of course the console didn’t come with it’s own faults / problems. The infamous RRoD, which plagued the systems early life. It took 2 more revisions before MS sorted out the whole mess.

I pretty much have a good library of games for the 360, most I’ve never finished. The only one being Star Ocean 4, which comes to mind. The most notorious game for me is FF13. Yes, I’ve re-started that game more times than I can count. And never finishing the game – at all!. I was hoping to finish the game by the end of last year – beginning of this year, but alas, nope.


5 thoughts on “Video Games News: The end of an era for the X360

    1. True, it focused way too much on story and character. And even then only Snow, Szah and Light came out with anything out of the entire series imo.

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      1. And speaking of backwards compatible, I heard that they will also do the same on the classic Xbox games. At least Microsoft is doing their best to preserving classic games.

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