The Lost Village Episode Review: 01 – Look before you leap

A group of 30 people are on a bus tour. This bus tour is by no means normal. For this groups destination is the fabled village “Nanakimura” – a remote, hidden village. It is so hidden that it isn’t even recorded on any map. The mystique of the village is said to be of utopia. The group are all heading there, hoping to leave their old lives behind. And start anew in the fabled lost village.

| I just came to confirm that it’s all a ruse

— Hayato “Speed star”, episode 1

Points of Interests:
  • The company sponsoring the tour – their website is hidden. Only a select few were chosen based upon certain criteria; intelligence, capability and funds.
  • Some members use pseudonym names / on-line handles – they’ve never met in real life
  • They all seemed to have some problems in their real lives

lost village - 1lost village - 2

The episode kicked off with the cast introducing themselves. And boy heck is it a fairly large cast. Will be hard to remember them all. The most stand out ones are; Hayato “Speed star” the girl going by the name “Lion”, and Mitsumune. Mitsumune seems to be a friend of Hayato. To me though Hayato is a Kirito look alike. Anyway, it appears that Mitsumue isn’t his real name either. As noted in the point of interest; most are using pseudonym names. For them to reveal their real names and their back grounds will be interesting. Which I expect in the later episodes. Although a small taste of Mitsumune home life is shown. There seems to be some over protective parents, piling on the pressure no doubt. The bus driver made an interesting comment; why are they running away?. They haven’t lived their lives yet fully, but they are already running away from it.

It’s interesting that these people are all ready to believe in a rumour / inter based rumour, of a village that is quite literally Shangri-la. They can’t be this gullible, can they?. Well they appear to be so. As they paid, yes paid to go on a bus tour to this village of utopia!.

For this episode, I’m giving it

Grade: B+

A strong start to what looks like a very good mystery anime.


5 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode Review: 01 – Look before you leap

    1. It might because of the ‘erased’ syndrome. Where a mystery anime gets too over hyped. So they’re throwing caution to the wind. The amount of negative “review” sorry hate erased got on MAL. Might be the reason. It does have a large assembled cast. So it might be difficult to pick which one they like, I suppose.

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  1. I actually thought that the first episode was pretty flawed, rushed and weak overall. It tends to get better, from what I’ve seen, but it doesn’t deliver to my initial expectations.

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    1. That’s understandable. I think the show tried to put in as many info dumps as quickly as possible without dragging the whole thing out. As you’ve said Ruki it came off as rushed instead. I’m still miffed as to how gullible they are / can be though :/.

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