Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 12 – Under Sakurako-sans feet

A flash back is shown of Utsumi and his co-worker making a visit to Sakurako’ home. Shoutarou ‘suspects’ that Sakurako was melting bones. Just when Shoutarou was about to ring the doorbell, Sakurako comes running out, annoyed at the police. The story now shifts to present day. Shoutarou made some attempts to have some contact with her. But to no avail. The story shifts to a memory of two years ago. Where Shoutarou was visiting his grandparents. A neighbour went missing. Shoutarou looked around when he spotted Sakurako talking to an elderly man he knows.

| Bones symbolize life and embody death

— Sakurako, epi 12

Shoutarou regularly walked past the Kujou mansion when he was visiting his grandparents. When he came across the beautiful Sakurako. He became enamoured with her at first sight. One summer evening, he came across her taking a corpse – from a box. He thought she might be some nut job. So he gets the wrong idea when his neighbour goes missing -again-, calls the cops and gets the wrong idea of Sakurako. From here on out the story of how they met and where their future goes from here, is to be resolved.

Points of Interest:

  • Shoutarou met Sakurako two years ago – in the autumn
  • Shoutarou’ fateful encounter with Sakurako occurred when a neighbour went missing. It was right around summer.
  • The forested path that leads from the Nagayama shrine leads to the Kujou family estate
  • The corpse she took – changed his initial perception of her. But that soon changed, again

beautiful bones 12 - 1beautiful bones 12 - 2

Well it finally gives us a back story as to how the duo met. And not in the most grandest of ways, but very subtle none the less. Having a case to break the ice. As Sakurako took an immediate liking to Shoutarou. I guess Sakurako taking on Shoutarou is a way for her to redeem herself. Since she failed to protect her own brother.

I did find it funny that Shoutaoru was all like “she is like the most dreamiest lady around” (talk about love at first sight), to “what a bunny boiler”. And when Sakurako showed her annoyance with the police and ends up meeting Shoutarou. To see the two reunite after spending a year apart, is nice.

The biggest complaint I would say is; that it finished..unfinished. If you know what I mean. The way it ended definitely needs a second season. And I do hope that they do get the green light. Also the pose at the end by Hanabusa. Well, well my dear Moriarty Hanabusa. Will our Sherlock Sakurako get her man?.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: C

Very sad that this series is now over :(. Alas it needs another season to resolve the 2 biggest mysteries. 1) How did her brother die, who is on that bed. 2) And Hanabusa. Will Shoutarou get with her? (okay that is 3).


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 12 – Under Sakurako-sans feet

  1. I found it interesting how Sakurako San put the backstory of the leads at the very end of the anime. Kinda rugged, but cool at the same time. This is probably one of those that’ll never get a sequel, and that’s the saddest part of it all. It was fun watching you write about each episode!

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    1. Thanks Taku :D. I enjoyed watching and writing about it as well xDD. Yeah I agree even with a strong hint of wanting to do a S2 at the end, it might not happen.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It always sucks when a show ends unresolved, especially given that most anime do not sell enough to get another season. By the way, isn’t it weird that Ren the microbiologist thinks that handling bodies is icky?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should give it a try Ren. The show isn’t graphic or anything. She is an osteologist, who is a super-sleuth. I can under stand what you mean though. Her morbid fascination with bones / bodies are quite…peculiar imo.


      1. Yes, I will, for sure. I’ve been reading quite a number of good reviews about this. Oh, she’s an osteologist ? A scientist ? Okay, sold ! Because, really, I find a person with OC about bones pretty bizarre and weird .

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