Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 11 – The Butterfly Vanished in November (Pt 2)

Hitoe, Futaba celebrate Minami’ birthday. It was a dream. Minami tells Sakurako where the hideout is. They drive to the hideout. They soon find the wooden cabin, that is the girls hideout spot. Sakurako lets Hector off his leash. Minami follows the trio in to the cabin. They suspect they’ll find Hitoe there. They find Hitoe covered in Leth Diane. Indicating that she might be dead or rather something is dead next to her. Hitoe was put to sleep via sleeping pills.

| The only thing that’s dead is the dog

— Sakurako, epi 11

Hitoe wakes up to find Minami and the others in the room. She was suicidal. Just then Hector lets out a bark. This pleases Sakurako. Isozaki and Shoutarou dig up a body. They suspect it might be Hitoe – as Sakurako notes that the radius bone is too thin for an adult. From here on out, they try to solve the case.

Points of Interest:

  • A flash back of 4 years ago is shown of the girls in a cabin
  • Sakurako can talk to dogs? – dog whisper?
  • A scalpel with the Lethe Diane motif is on the ground
  • Lethe Diane were covering a body – the dog’ body
  • The sphenoid bone is in the middle – front of the skull and is shaped like a butterfly / bat

beautiful bones 11 - 1beautiful bones 11 - 2

Whoa, just whoa. An emotional filled episode. With some startling revelations. And boy heck are them girls messed up. I just loved the red herring. Isozaki breaking down was something, you could tell it really hit him hard. And it was done pretty good. The inability to save his favourite students from their down spiral in to madness. I can only feel for him.

I did enjoy that wide eyed look Sakurako gives to people. Normally its when she gets really excited. It was interesting to hear that she has taken up the cold cases her uncle couldn’t solve. And that Hanabusa takes the sphenoid bone as his prize. As stated in the interest section, the sphenoid bone is shaped like a butterfly / bat. After looking at some images, I can see why Hanabusa takes it.

Hanabusa poses a threat to the duo, not just physically but mentally. A real shame that his presences is made more evidently now. I can see that they wanted him to be the ‘Moriarty’ of the show. But not really well done.

It was really nice to see Sakurako caring for Shoutarou, even shedding tears for when she said goodbye to him. Speaking of Shoutarou. He finally gets the answer he needed. As to why she doesn’t call him by his name.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: B+

 Sadden to see the last episode is next :(.

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