Beautiful Bones: Saukurako's investigation

Episode 10: The Butterfly Vanished in November (Pt 1)

Isozaki, Shoutarou and Sakurako are walking through a forest for their last expedition of bones. When Isozaki is enamoured with some flowers he spotted. He asks Shoutarou to take a picture with him in it. When Sakurako asks them to be quiet. Shoutarou spots a butterfly passing by. Isozaki notes that it’s pretty rare for them to be around this time of year, when Sakurako runs ahead of them. They eventually come to a clearing where lots of butterflies are on top of a body. Which turns out to be a mountain hare.

| It’s our lucky day. We should thank the butterflies

— Sakurako, episode 10

Sakurako informs Shoutarou what butterflies are attracted to. Isozaki is impressed that Shoutarou isn’t fazed by all the decaying corpses. Shoutarou informs him that generally when you hang out with Sakurako, you’re bound to come across bodies. Isozaki is concerned about the well being of Shoutarou. And mentions losing one of his students. He is cordially invited to a former students house. Sakurako offers him a lift back. He notes that Nishizawa was unstable for some reason. They make a pit stop to Isozaki home, before moving on to Hitoe’ house. From here on, they try to solve the mystery of the missing school girls.

Points of Interest:

  • The trek was in November – in the peipan region
  • Enzo Gentian – a specific breed of flowers
  • Lethe Diana – a specific breed of butterfly and is particularity attracted to corpses
  • Butterflies are attracted to; nectar, sap, rotting fruit and corpses
  • Madoka Hitoe, Nishizawa Futaba & Tsutsumi Minami – the three sisters (not blood related). Futaba’ disappearance caused a rift with the other two.
  • Isozaki likes to look after plants

beautiful bones 10 - 2

beautiful bones 10 - 1

The episode certainly was an interesting one. As it starts a new arc. With a villain this time named Hanabusa. Who likes to see himself as an “artist”. The episode certainly gave a small back story to Isozaki. What is interesting is Sakurako’ attitude to the posh family, she certainly knew how the family behaved. Like when their daughter ran away, she guessed that the parents didn’t want want the police involved just so they can keep up appearances. Which leads me to believe that the the posh family weren’t that emotionally involved with their daughter. Hence why Sakurako got really annoyed with them. Maybe she comes from a similar background?. With the size of the house / estate, and having a house keeper I’d assume she does.

The slow build up to Hanabusa, was interesting as they make out this guy is some sort of master criminal. Who likes to paint pictures of girls in the nude, whilst carving some butterfly motif on their backs. Coincidently the same type of painting showed up in a earlier episode. I’d assume the butterfly carving is his signature. Speaking of nude, there was some fan service..of Sakurako’ ass. Nice ass, as it certainly got Shoutarou hot under the collar.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: C+

The episode is slowly building up an arc. It will be interesting to see where this leads too.


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