Seasonal Summary: Autumn / Winter 2016 Round up

Well it’s that time of the year to see which anime did it for me in the Autumn / Winter seasonal round up of 2016. And surprisingly the list isn’t that long. Makes a read quick doesn’t it?.

So lets take a look at the list.

Schwarzesmarken (Black Marks)

This anime is very underrated. And I mean very underrated. If you want an anime that has; political intrigue and back stabbings, an alternative version of earth, mecha, action, military, drama and sci-fi then this anime has it all. A grim anime, set in the back drop of 1980′ East Germany. What I really liked about this anime is the female lead; Irisdina Bernhard. A strong, assertive, mature, intelligent, charismatic, commanding officer of the schwarzesmarken. She leads by example. However beneath all that is a young woman who is riddled with guilt and is looking for atonement and redemption. Theodore, the main male lead took a while to get used, but after awhile he came across as a decent character. I’m still gutted at the end though. Glad to see Axmann get his just deserts…the Stasi dog.

I wonder how JekoJeko and Matt will take to this anime, since Irisdina is a Christian. However I don’t think they will be too pleased as to what is being blared out in the opening. I really enjoyed this, I might give this another re-run. Since I watched it in choppy parts (watched the newest episode, then backtracked to the earlier ones). White force by Fripside is brilliant.

Erased (Boku no damchi)

This anime seems to be the most polarised anime of the season. What appeared to be a strong anime, quickly turned in to a disappointment for everyone (or most). And to be fair, they have a fair assessment on that. All though some seem to be hating on the show just because it has a high rank, a better rank than Legends of the Galactic heroes. Seriously?.

I thought the show is enjoyable enough. Sure there were some really bad pacing, plot conveniences, melodrama, bad directing in general. But to me, the pros far outweigh the cons. The opening Re;Re by Asian Kung-fu Generation is a very up beat track, that really sets the tone for the show. A shame really that the mystery sucked so bad.

Ojisan to Marshmallow

A short anime that generally went unnoticed for the most part. It’s about a middle age guy, who has a massive obsession with marshmallows. And I mean he has it bad. Hige is the office nice guy, who is seen as an odd ball. However he caught the attention of Wakabayashi, his office co-worker. And she has a massive crush on Hige, unbeknownst to him.

The anime is a short, and whilst it tries to say that appearance isn’t everything. The show unfortunately came across as tad flat. The jokes about how Wakabayashi manipulating Hige via marshmallow got…well boring.

Dagashi Kashi 

Well what can you say about this quirky, eccentric, nonsensical anime about sweets. Some say this is bad since the jokes (or the anime for that matter) make no sense what soever. Well with it being a nonsensical, quirky anime, does it need to make sense?.

I particular liked this show, especially the female main lead Hotaru. Her eccentric, obsessive personality with sweets is quite charming and semi-amusing. Her ability to never win anything is just hilarious. Compare that to Saya, who is a natural born winner. Kokonotsu is a pretty much generic character, but he has his moments. Oh and Hotaru’ jig in the end credits is just awesome to see.

Gate (S1 & S2)

What happens if you get a gate that acts like a magical door way, which can lead you to a far, far away magical world that is like a fantasy setting?. Well gate does this. The JSDF are tasked in going in to said gate and they end up in another world. Where the setting is your typical medieval fantasy. Naturally the armies that see the JSDF as enemies will get trounced, due to the technological advanced army of the JSDF.

Itami, for me is actually quite likeable. Sure he is that “super” achiever when all he does is be a slacker. But it’s his laid-back attitude and being an otaku is what made me like him. Yao Ro Dushi is my other favourite character (she doesn’t turn up till 2nd season). Not sure why peeps are reading far too much as to what gate could mean.

God Eater

FINALLY!! the last few episodes aired. And it certainly finished on a high note, with a possibility of a second season. Lenka, the main lead is actually good. He isn’t too over powered like most male leads in these type of shows are. Instead you have the whole group being overpowered. Soma and Lindow just oozed coolness. Whilst Sakuya and Alisa were the eye-candy, but still kicked ass. Koto being my fav out of the group.

I never understood why the show had the last few episodes delayed. It made no sense, could be something to do with Bandi Namco?. Whatever the reason(s) it certainly did harm the momentum of the show. The opening of the show is one of my favs.

Left-over shows:

  • Beautiful Bones Sakurako investigation: I really enjoy this series, hence why I’m dragging it all out on my episode reviews. To savour each episode as I watch it.
  • Asterisks: Well since season 2 is going to be airing soon, I thought I’d leave it and finish it all off in one go. From where I left off to the end of the series. Yippee kai yay!.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 The animation: The show certainly started off okay, then it went a bit silly.

And that’s about it folks. Let me know what you think of the new layout, do you prefer the new one or the old one?. Also the shows, which did you enjoy or disliked?. Comments down below.


2 thoughts on “Seasonal Summary: Autumn / Winter 2016 Round up

  1. I might give Schwarzesmarken a chance cos the last Muv-Luv anime was alright.

    They may make a second season of God Eater? Judging on Ufotable’s pacing that would take ten years to come out 🙂


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