CubbySoundHole: This illusion (2014) – END

Hey up my cubbies, it’s that time again. Well for this one I went back to one of my favs. And this one is a very well done rendition. Can it be seen as an ending?. Well technically it isn’t.

This song is in fact the opening to the Fate series. But is used as an ending or intermission for the end of the first half of UBW. The opening for the 06 series is pretty good, I do however like this version. There is another opening that goes unnoticed. I’ll save that for another day though. The OP for the VN is called disillusion, but This illusion is for the anime.

So without further ado, ladies and gents I present to you: LiSa – This Illusion


Leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think of it. Also would you like me to put one your favourite OP / Endings / any other sound tracks up on CubbySoundHole?. If so, let me know down below as well. Take care guys.

3 thoughts on “CubbySoundHole: This illusion (2014) – END

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