Beautiful Bones: Saukurako's investigation

Episode 09: Grandmother’s Pudding

Shoutarou is seen at his grandmothers grave. Yuriko is deciding on which cake to eat, when Sakurako recommends two cakes to her. Shoutarou forgets that Yuriko grandma has passed away. Yuriko asks Shoutarou and Sakurako to help her out in clearing up her grand parents place. When Sakurako spots some letters that Yuriko used to send to her grandmother. Yuriko regrets that she stopped writing to her grandma once she got in to middle school. She painted with her grand father. So Shoutarou takes the opportunity to tell her that. He also shows her the attempted “drawing” she did back in episode 6 on his phone. Yuriko is not happy about it one bit. To even the odds, Sakurako calls Yuriko by her name. This shocks Shoutarou who gets called “shounen” all the time by Sakurako.

| It appears you were a diligent correspondent

— Sakurako, episode 9

The smug / superior look on Yuriko face to the dejected Shoutarou is evident. For his troubles, he gets told to shut up. After much deliberation they couldn’t find the painting. Shoutarou in a moment of glorious lighting surprises Sakurako with a speech. The following day he bears gifts; chick pudding – an offering to his late grandmother. Although he was soaked through and the clothes given to him to wear looked ridiculous on him. From here on out, Shoutarou has his own little mystery solved for him.

Points of Interest:

  • Sakurako’ favourite cake seems to be Chestnut and La Franc pear flavour
  • Yuriko grandma left her a painting to keep when she gets older
  • Yuriko names translates to as Casablanca lilies, which signify; sublime love, mercy and splendour
  • Sakurako recounts a tale of an island called Kamuishu island
  • Sakurako has a hard time choosing which chick pudding to have and ends up getting scolded for it

beautiful bones 9-1

beautiful bones 9-2

A very emotional episode for both Yuriko and Shoutarou or “shounen boy”. The episode both concludes Yuriko’ little arc and brings Shoutarou to light. Giving him a small case of his own. The episode certainly plied on the emotions or “feels” in order to give the two characters some correlation, as both lost their grand parents. And the fact they have a link to Sakurako. The episode was slow at the beginning, but it certainly picked up by the second half. Giving some info dump on Shounen boy. And giving Gran the house keeper the spot light in solving Shoutarou’ case.

Gran doing a Sakurako impersonation was just utterly brilliant. The other stand out moment for me was when Sakurako address Yuriko by her name – that smug face of hers towards Shoutarou is just brilliant, talk about camaraderie there. The sharp put down by Sakurako to Shoutarou in response is just plain amusing. Towards the end however, I am a bit perplexed as to why Gran and Sakurako are recognising Shoutarou’s name now.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: B

A very emotional episode that delivered with subtle. With what looks like a new arc on the horizon.


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