Beautiful Bones: Saukurako's investigation

Episode 08: The entrusted bones (pt 2)

Shoutarou and Izosaki are discussing as to whether or not to return other personal effects to Sasaki’ family. Shoutarou wants to know what type of man Sasaki was. Sakurako is not pleased to see Shoutarou – but he asks her a favour. She takes him to deliver the items to Sasaki’ living family member. Shoutarou is concerned that Sakurako is avoiding him, she assures him she ain’t. He disbelieves her and inquires about the where about of the cat’ bones. They take the items to Haruma Sayuki, an elderly wheel chair bound lady, who is Sasaki’ older sister. Sakurako shows…an interest in the elderly ladies feet.

| Taking them there myself, would have been really hard

— Shoutarou, episode 8

Harumi’ family has a history of having Celtic feet. Even though the two women have clicked, Shoutarou is happy that Sakurako is comfortable around her. Sone Natsuko bones were the ones that were found in the trunk. A baby remains is mentioned. Harmui gives a small back story. About the baby, Natusko, and her brother. From here on out Shoutarou tries to discover the truth behind the mystery all by himself. Without Sakurako’ help.

Points of Interest:

  • Sasakai’ relatives asked Izosaki to return all other items back to them personally
  • Shoutarou wants to understand Sakurako better
  • Shoutarou gives the cakes promised from the previous episode – Mount Blanc
  • Sakurako denies the fact that she did indeed identify the cat’ bones
  • Celtic feet or ‘shape’ – better known as Morton’ toe

beautiful bones 8-2

beautiful bones 8-3

The episode concludes the mini-series. I particularly liked how the series, FINALLY gives some back story to our favourite leading lady. And it was interesting. Always thought Sakurako is a cat lady, since cats tend to be aloof.  As for the episode itself, it was pretty good. As we get to see Shoutarou or ‘Watson’ try to solve the mystery of the missing cat bones and the main mystery – the cat mystery was in enthralling in itself!. As Sakurako says ” he has the potential to be a better detective than her”. Slight problem with that saying, she isn’t a detective to begin with. But she does do all the police work for the incompetent bunch. The episode did give our would be Watson some of the spotlight. And to be honest, he wasn’t half bad at it. Still green around the ears though. Still love it when Sakurako whistles when she is impressed.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: B

A very interesting back story on Sakurako. Shoutarou did an okay job at being a detective.


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