Video Games News: Black Rose Valkyrie

A new JRPG has been announced. From Compile Heart comes Black Rose Valkyrie. The character designs are from Kosuke Fujishima.

Taken from original source:

An unknown virus was discovered from the meteorite, which was given the nickname “Black Garnet.” In exchange for giving the infected enhanced intelligence and might above that of a human being, it eats into their minds and flesh, and before long turns them into an inhuman “Chimera.” This virus, [which broke out in 1929] and was named the “Chimera Virus,” caused a global pandemic and three percent of humanity’s total population was lost.

In this state of crisis, the country chose a plan of “national isolation,” and blocked the virus’ entry from the outside. The “Special Force Valkyrie” was formed within the Secret Military Agency ACID (Anti Chimera Intercept Division) organized to counter the pressing threat.

The game is set to be released for the PS4. And will be released in Japan.


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