Mini Review: Fairy Tail (S6) – Grand Magic Game Arc

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Hey up everyone. Well this is a mini-review on fairy tail series 6. Now granted I pretty much started watching it from the 7th series or better known as fairy tail 2014. So I already know how that arc concludes. However…

In order to get a better context of the 7th season. I had to back track, whilst at the same time watching the zodiac arc. Kind of slowed down on the zodiac arc finished it. But anyway. I’ll NOT be covering any of the other arcs. This mini review will focus on the 6th. Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m a late bloomer to the series :P.

The arc kicks off with the core members returning from a 7 year absence – how this came about, I can’t say since I didn’t watch the previous arc. You pretty much have to watch that arc to get a better understanding. It’s safe to say they tie in to each other. The guild once considered the strongest in all of Fiore – is now the weakest, it’s reputation shot to pieces. Guilds that was once weak, have now over taken them in terms of power, reputation, wealth. So the returning core members, decided to get the guild back it’s former glory.

In a nutshell, the main arc’ focus is on the budding rivalry between the guilds. Notably Sabertooth. And the members attempt to get the guild back on track. A small arc is also embedded in to the main arc, which is the 7th seasons arc (..have I said that already?). Anyway moving on to the main dish.

I have to say the rivalry between the guilds was done really well. Each members showing loyalty, camaraderie to their respective guilds. And giving them a small piece of screen time. Even if their time on screen was small. They did get to express their thoughts on their adversary’s – now and again. Still interesting to hear their thoughts though. Obviously the main focus was on the fairy tail members bouts.

As for the characters. Whilst I don’t have an extensive back ground knowledge (with out wiking it) of the main roster or the others for that matter. I in fact thoroughly enjoyed the bulk of the cast showing. Juvia and Lucy are the exception. This boils down to; Juvia’ annoying school girl crush on Gray. Her over the top imagination of Gray hitting on other girls – which leads her to have this deluded idea of potential love rivals, is amusing. It gets repetitive though. Strangely enough she gets to be in her own love triangle. This involving Lyon (or Leon), Juvia and Gray. As for Lucy; she is useless without her celestial spirits. Her celestial spirits on the other hand are just hilarious. Especially Virgo, Loke (Leo the lion) and Taurus. In fact all of them are just a bunch of eccentric lot.

Erza; a fan favourite. Took the top spot as fav character for me – initially. However she got replaced by Ultear Milkovich. Speaking of Erza, man you can cut the tension between her and Jellal. I do love the bit when Happy actually tried to troll Erza’. It didn’t end well for him – put it that way (see video below). Mentioning Jellal.

I do love his fight with Lamia Scale’ Jura. The match was hilarious. And my favourite moment in the entire series is found in episode 163….all I can say is…The. Best. Trolling. EVER!!!!!!!!!. I couldn’t / can’t stop laughing to to this day.

Well that is my quick, mini review on Fairy Tail series 6 folks. Hope you enjoyed it.


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