Autumn / Winter first impression: Phantasy Star Online II

Based on the popular video game franchise developed by Sega. In the early days of the 16bit era, this game was the answer – at the time – to Nintendo’ Final fantasy series. However by the Dreamcast era, it the franchise went MMO on us. Whilst it was a revolutionary moment for the franchise and game – as it brought an MMO to the console. Sadly any further progress to the franchise stayed in the East. Even though the actual game was touted to be released in the West – that hasn’t materialised to my knowledge.

So how does the anime far?. Well it stays true to the game I suppose. The anime is different, it doesn’t take the usual route of being another “SAO”. Itsuki Tachibana is the main lead, whilst the female lead is Izumi Rina. Izumi chose Itsuki to be the school’ vice president. Due to him being an all rounder at things. Unbeknownst to Itsuki, Izumi is the player who has befriended him in game and is known as SORO. A veteran of the game, and a soloist. Thinking about it, the class he choose or “randomised” is the male human – hunter class. That class from my experience playing the 1st game had an all rounder stats, coincidence?.

All though I generally played the female Newman – hunter class. There are differences between the race and classes, in terms of stats wise. Then we have a new female by the name of Aika Suzuki, a very good player that watches Itsuki. The most hilarious moment was when she entered the men’ bathroom and watched him take a pee. I kind of find Aika more interesting than Izumi.

I did like the way they misspelled Sega to Seiga. Though the biggest teeth grinding for  viewers / video gamers is the self-congratulation on PSO2 being a global hit in the anime, talk about being slapped in the face.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: Medium

Screen-shot Gallery:
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PSO2 1PSO2 2

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One thought on “Autumn / Winter first impression: Phantasy Star Online II

  1. Yeah, we are still waiting for the PSO2 game to get localized. I’ll probably avoid this anime because watching it would just make me get even madder at Sega. Part of the reason why I bought a Vita was to play PSO2!

    I have find memories of playing the original game with a spikey haired hunter who looked like Vash the Stampede.

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