Moved seasonal categories. They are now under the following:

Seasonal first impressions is now a sub-category of > First impressions. All first impressions – seasonal or not – will be posted under that category from now on.

Seasonal Line up is now a sub category of > Anime. Nothing has changed other than the location of this category.



2 thoughts on “Moved all seasonal posts under Anime section

    1. Can be a bit fiddly, but it isn’t hard. What you need to do is this:

      > Episode Reviews
      >> Anime name

      You need to shift the categories slightly to the right, if you want them to be sub-categories – if you keep them on the left as you know they become a separate category on your menu header, you don’t want that. Also open another tab and have your blog page open, save and refresh to see the effect. Adjust changes till you’re happy with the changes made.

      > = moving the category to the right under the heading.

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