CubbySoundHole: Adesso E Fortuna – Record of Lodoss (OP)

It’s another month and another cubby sound hole pick. For this one, I went old skool. Like real old. This anime is mentioned in my previous monthly up-date post. Record of Lodoss, is pretty much a fantasy anime.

There are two versions (or three). One is sang by Lisa De Simmone – which is used for the dubbed opening and it is really hard to find a full version of. The other two versions are sang by Arai Akino.

Yes the dub is corny, Parn still sucks. With the Karla arc over (for now). I’m coming on to the dark wizard arc.

There is another record of lodoss. The other is record of lodoss; the chronicles of a hero. This is a sequel to the original.

So ladies and gents, without further ado I present to you: Adesso E Fortuna – Arai Akino.

PS: “Io sono prigionera” roughly translates to as; I am (a) prisoner.

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