Autumn / Winter first impression: Dagashi Kashi

“Coconuts!!!!”… bad meant Kokonotsu an aspiring… ailing mangaka artist is helping out his families… dad’ sweet shop. On a fateful summer break, he had the (mis)fortune of meeting a sweet (quite literally) eccentric, and an heiress to a large sweet company by the name of Houtaru Shidare. Who just literally stopped by his dad’ sweet shop. What went down for this plucky, but unfortunate young mangaka??……

Well the anime for the most part, has an interesting concept behind it. Aspirations vs reality. That and the fact the whole anime revolves around sweets. If this wasn’t a anime, it could well have been an overtly long advertisement for sweets. I mean talk about product placements. It does a good job of introducing different types of foods / sweets to people that are interested in the Japanese culture.

The anime itself is pretty amusing – hardly comedic though. I guess what can put viewers off from this is; it’ nonsensical story line. That pretty much sums up the anime for me at least. I mean why would an apparent heiress just stop by and work together with the father to get his son to become the next head of a small sweet shop?. And the allegory in trying to convince some of the other cast members?. It’s just nonsensical. Even they have a hard time(s) in trying to decipher in what Houtaru says or means.

The other thing that got me amused is; Houtaru’ eyes. Boy heck is she high on sugar..permanently. Sugar rush on acid. However her personality, for all its eccentricity is quite catchy…I’ll dare say. Kokonotsu is just generic as a character, so far. Can’t really say much on him at this moment.

Overall the anime is light hearted and quirky. Shouldn’t be taken seriously – as it doesn’t take itself serious.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: High – Medium

Screen-shot Gallery:
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dagashi 2dagashi 3

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dagashi 4dagashi 5


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