Beautiful Bones: Saukurako's investigation

Episode 07: The entrusted bones (pt 1)

Shoutarou is walking to Sakurako’ house with a downcast expression on his face. Shoutarou’ high school is hosting its annual festival. Sakurako turns up at the school festival, stunning Shoutarou as he thought she wouldn’t turn up. Everyone else is surprised at Sakurako appearance. He initially asked, and she said yes. Though he was sceptical she’d actually show up to a high school festival. He shows Sakurako around. His class is making pancakes. Having a massive sweet tooth, she wouldn’t pass up the offer. And she hates small talk. They meet Kougami in the hall way, where her class is doing a haunted class room.

| You really look like her butler. It brings out your subservient attitude!

— Kougami (episode 7) 

She gives Shoutarou a compliment – much to his dismay and Sakurako’ pleasure. Shoutarou’ fellow butlers greet Sakurako with gusto, leaving her speechless. Her pancake is served with whipped cream and chocolate. Shoutarou is checking to see if she is satisfied with the serving, much to his delight she is enjoying her meal. All the boys are inquiring about the pretty lady Shoutarou brought over. Much to Shoutarou’ dismay Sakurako left the classroom. So he goes looking for her. And promptly finds her in the science room. He is amazed at how quickly she got around the place, considering. Sakurako is looking at the glass cabinet which is filled with bones. She gives a sad, or sulky look that has Shoutarou back down from his would be assertive manner. Caving in to her demands. Isozaki turns up in the class room. From there they spend the rest of the afternoon in the science room.

Points of Interest:

  • 17th Meisei high school festival – another festival
  • Sakurako’ outfit consists of a; summer white dress with a white / grey short summer jacket
  • Shoutarou is dressed as a butler
  • The class that Shoutarou is in are doing pancakes – essentially a cafe
  • 10 years ago – the school was an all girls school
  • When Sakurako wants something and is told she can’t, she gives a sulky look – indicating she is a little girl at heart
  • Shoutarou reads a diagram of the human skeleton. The word Ulna resonates with him some how

bones 7 - 1

bones 7 - 2

This time around the episode focuses on Shoutarou, and we get a mini-arc to boot. The real high-light of the show however will fall on the small piece of info we get on Sakurako as a little girl. We rarely get much back ground info on her, even though it is a tiny morsel, it was nice to see and get a small understanding of her.

As for the episode in it’s entirety, it was okay – solid even. Since it is a 2 parter, the episode focused on the slow build up to the underlying mystery of the human skeleton and why it was locked away in the school. I think Shoutarou will be getting some major stick, since he turned up with the hottest lady. The boys probably got a BONEer from seeing her ;P xDD. What?. Come on, the joke wasn’t that bad..right?.

The episode tried to put some “strain” on the relationship, but it just felt a bit well.. hollow. Many mystery partners relationship get strained at times. However, the episode just didn’t bring enough, omph I suppose?. To make it believable. Aside from that not much else I can say. Oh they mention her fiance…where the hell is he?. He’s mentioned once back in episode 1. Never more. I guess by name but not in practise.

One thing I did realise is that Sakurako really is a little girl deep down inside. From the sulky face she pulls to when she isn’t getting what she wants. To her not wanting getting in to trouble by her gran for eating too much cakes / sweet things. Her sweet tooth is the weak point – that much has been covered… with sugar…syrup…chocolate…yeah. The show ended on how it began, which is interesting.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: C

On to the conclusion of the mini arc!.


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