Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 06 – Asahi Bridge Irregulars

Kougami is meeting her friends in a mall, discussing who they’ll take to the festival. Shoutarou is yapping about Sakurako’ new play thing and Hector getting in the way. Kougami really wants to take Shoutarou with her. Kougami insists that there is nothing going on with Shoutarou. Her friends male companions show up, Kougami is the odd one out. She accidentally bumps in to a passing couple, losing sight of her friends in the process. Kougami contemplates whether or not it would be fun for her to be walking hand-in-hand with a boyfriend. When she spots a woman by the bridge, dressed in a black yukata.

| Now, there’s no hurry. The festival isn’t going to run away from us

— Old woman (episode 6)

She was temporarily distracted by a flying pigeon, when she notices the woman has gone from the bridge side. Only finding an envelope. With a ring inside it. Kougami suspects that she might have jumped off the side. When she meets Isozaki, who is volunteering at the festival. She hands the envelope to him, where he opens it – to find a ring and a note. Kougami thinks it is a suicide note. Isozaki thinks the ring might have been a wedding ring. He also wants to try an experiment with a marker pen. They have a disagreement as to how they should handle the whole situation regarding the mysterious women. When they meet Utsumi. From this point on, the trio go looking for the mysterious woman.

Points of Interest:

  • Asahikawa Summer festival – is the festival Kougami wants Shoutarou to take her
  • The girls are wearing Yukata for the festival
  • As Kougami walk by she notices the couples, this makes her feel even more lonely
  • The woman by the bridge has a envelope in hand – with a solemn expression on her face as well
  • Isozaki – her home room teacher is a volunteer for the festival at the behest of the school
  • Isozaki nonchalantly opens the envelope and reads the note inside it

bones 6 -1bone 6 -2

Kougami takes the lead on this little side case. And to be honest, it isn’t half bad – however the question raised is; was it worth it?. The answer to that is; not really. The episode for me didn’t stand out much, mildly interesting at best. The only thing it did do, is introduce Isozaki, the home room teacher. I guess the whole point of this episode was to give some development time to recurring character(s)?. I mean we don’t see Shoutarou or Sakurako towards the end of the episode.

The gripe I do have with this episode is; Sakurako just turned up out of the blue. Without any warning whatsoever. To counter that statement, the two – three scenes of when Kougami was calling Shoutarou, and not seeing the duo in the house is a subtle hint that they were lurking some where in the episode. The other thing is, just how damn smart is Sakurako?. She knows everything. In this episode she is a ring expert and is multi-lingual.

The only amusing part for me is when Shoutarou has the PA addressing Sakurako as a lost child. Because he couldn’t find her. And she getting annoyed with him. She is warming up to Kougami though, which is nice. The other amusing part is Kougami’ drawing of the lady in question. It looked like a 2 year old had drawn it.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: D+

 A mild, forgettable episode.


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