Autumn / Winter first impression: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Hai to gensou no grimgar or Grimgar of fantasy and ash, grimgarl of ashes and illusions. Another rpg – turned – in – to – a – fantasy anime.

The story follows Haruhiro, who has chosen the thief class. And his merry party band. Ranta – the dark (dread) knight, Shihoru – the mage, Manato – the priest (de-facto leader), Mogzo – warrior, Yume – hunter.

The flip side to the story is that the ‘chosen’ few suffer from amnesia, and have a no idea why they’ve been chosen or what caused their memory lose, as certain words uttered make them uncertain in things. I suspect as the story continues the 2 main objectives will be. How to get back their memories and how to leave the world of Grimgar.

They are ushered in to the ‘reserve forces’ basically knowns as adventurers. As they go around killing monsters to earn their keep. They join a guild in order to learn the basics of their chosen profession. Barbara is the overtly sexual teacher for Haruhiro’ class.

The premises isn’t new, being transported to a fantasy world – where they don’t know what is going on. This is akin to the likes of Over lord, log horizon. Whilst the difference between the said shows and this one, is that the they were trapped inside a video game which turned in to a living world. With this one however, it doesn’t make it clear as to whether or not they were playing a game. Subtle hints are shown that it might be. The major plot hook seems to be the amnesia that the cast seem to suffer from, which is the excuse used to steer away from the fact that they might have indeed been playing an MMO. This is just conjecture on my part.

The episode started off really slow. Which is understandable as they wanted the world to have some exposition dump. Whilst retaining some mystique on the characters – whilst slowly developing them. The fact that the cast are very inexperienced or incompetent with their roles / class. Suggest that they might be a bunch of newbie (or n00bs) players for now. How they go from here will be interesting.

No doubt however as the anime progress it will be compared to it’s other contemporaries.

The art is very different from every other anime’ that A-1 pictures have done. It had a nice feel, almost Ghibli like. It was really pleasant to see.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: Medium – high

Screen-shot Gallery:
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grimgargrimgar 5

Gallery 2:

grimgar 6grimgar 4


4 thoughts on “Autumn / Winter first impression: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

  1. I’m still not sure if I should check this anime. It seems interesting and a bit different than most rpg turned into a fantasy anime, but I have zero clue if it’s going to worth my time.

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    1. The first episode had a slow build up. And the leader took on what appears to be the rookies (newbies) on, whilst a much stronger group was formed and went on ahead. It’s a matter of taste tbh.

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