Autumn / Winter first impression: Boku dake ga Inai Machi

UPDATE: You can read a full review on this series. 29 year old Satoru Fujinuma, a struggling mangaka who is currently working as a pizza delivery guy. Has this rather peculiar ability…the ability to go back in time – to be more precise only 5 mins – in able to change events or crisis. Should he fail, he gets multiple chances of re-doing the event till he prevents the disastrous out come. He calls these moments: revivals.

From the off-set you can already tell a very jaded Fujinuma. Who has regrets in his life. And it has taken its toll on him. Even with the peppy Airi Katagiri at his heels – it doesn’t help him out of his stupor. The reason that he leads a life full of regrets, stems back to his old childhood school day in the year 1988; when a class mate of his named Kayo Hindazuki went missing.

Over at Atelier Emily – who has done a very well written piece comparing a video game and this show highlights something; the nuances of time travelling.

Time travelling in general always have some device that allows the person to use. However Boku and one other show (not anime related per say) I’m about mention do things a little bit differently. Anyone seen The butterfly effect with Ashton Kutcher?. Neither of those two characters use a device that enables them to go through time itself. But rather uses the concept of “then” and “now”. However both have their own on take with time travel, with Boku having a 50-50 repercussion of the changes Satoru makes – if it doesn’t pan out, he gets to restart. Whilst in butterfly effect, Evan has a one shot deal – with consequences. What changes he makes, changes the outcome for him in a positive way, but will have a negative effect for others. Namely his friends. Ironically enough Fujinuma actually refers to the butterfly effect, but not by name.

Both characters have some level of guilt, and they do what they can to change the outcome – for what they think is for the better. Righting a wrong so to speak.

I wouldn’t say butterfly effect is brilliant – far from it to be exact – as there were some really crappy moments. However the concept of time travelling and it’s repercussion was done quite well. Whether you liked Kutchers acting is a question of taste. Just by watching the first episode of Boku and seeing Fujinuma, has me in high hopes for this show.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: High

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boku - 1

boku - 2

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boku - 3

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