Monthly Round-up: December 31/12/2015

Hey up folks,

It’s the start of a new year. It’s late as anything, however it more or less aggregates the month of December.

So here is the round-up:

Magi: Labyrinth of magic (currently on episode 8); I’m so enjoying this re-telling of Arabian knights. This follows the story of Aladdin and his magical flute, his best friend Ali babba and Morgiana. The story is a typical; boy wondering who he is, what his purpose is etc. Anyone who knows me, will tell you fantasy is a fav genre of mine (next anime is a dead give away). And this falls right in to my lap. Have no clue why I stalled on it in the first place.

The record of lodoss war (currently on episode 9): A real old series. However it has aged fairly well in my opinion. As stated above, you’ve guessed’s a fantasy anime. It has one of the most well known anime elf – Deedlit. Louie the rune soldier is the sister series to this anime. Dubbed VA can be crumby at times. Parn is annoying and useless. But the series is enjoyable. My fav character is Karla the Grey Witch.

Shirobako (completed): Who would have thought that I’d be interested in this little anime?. It really is an interesting anime. To me, I wouldn’t say it is an eye-opener. Now you’d think that is very arrogant of me to say, in my defence I say let me explain. I used to dabble in video editing. Now this was just for fun. However, the amount of time spent on editing videos is a time consuming process. I’m loosely acquainted with AMV (anime music videos) editors. And they edit high quality videos (RAWs as they are known) and the amount of effects, transitions etc used is impressive. The time spent on them however; on a quick edit takes about 4 or 5 hours. A big project about a week or so. I’m also aware of the office environment (anyone who works or has worked in an office know what I mean).

Also Exodus < 30fps..get out!!! I kid, I kid

Noragami Aragoto (completed): As I have stated else where, I haven’t seen the 1st season. So to see the 2nd season or sequel. It is handled really well. An enjoyable series.

Beautiful Bones (currently on episode 6): Episode reviews will be finished asap. The show is enjoyable. Even though there are flaws in the show, regarding the pacing and the way mysteries are handled. Sakurako is best lady for me!!!!.

Asterisks War (currently on episode 4): Same as above, will finish up this anime asap. It has it’s charm but I’m finding myself slowing down on the enthusiasm to watch it.

Fairy tail 2014 (currently on episode 4): I haven’t seen the 1st season, so I’m pretty much walking in fairly blind. I do like the premises though. The guild names are interesting too.


I recently bought a kindle. And down loaded The case study of vanitas. This comes from the author of crimson shell and the very popular Pandora hearts Jun Mochizuki. Its pretty good and you’d enjoy it if you like; France (Paris), a steam punk setting and vampires.

Other than, that’s pretty much it for the month of December.


3 thoughts on “Monthly Round-up: December 31/12/2015

  1. I agree with what you said about Shirobako. Its enjoyable in the way that it has these little pockets of drama and its done well, but its nothing really too special except perhaps just the fact that its focus is on anime production, which isn’t done too often in anime.


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