CubbySoundHole: Anamnesis – Another (ED)

Hope you folks aren’t having a terrible hang over from the new year celebration :P. I hope you guys enjoyed it. On to the point of this post!. 

Welcome to the first Cubby Sound Hole of 2016. Also it just happens to be the first post for this year as well XDD. Anyway, taking consideration of the massive hang overs or being sober. I decided to go with a slow song, to kick things off.

Now I haven’t watched Another – but I have heard of it, thanks to the rave reviews from anime fans. Will I get the chance to see this horror anime?, never say never. Anyway I won’t take up too much time yapping xDD.

So without further ado, ladies and gents I present to you: Annabel – Anamnesis.


4 thoughts on “CubbySoundHole: Anamnesis – Another (ED)

  1. I enjoyed Another so I would recommend it. The show has a Final Destination feel to it.

    No hangover for me btw, as I was working during the festive season. I actually went shopping first thing in the morning on New Year’s day. First time I have been at the supermarket with no queues at the till 🙂

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