Top 5 Anime Openings of 2015

Hey folks, end of the year is fast approaching us. And boy heck has time flown by. Literally. So for this little post I’ve taken a leaf from Ka-chan over at Kachan anime review. Check out her blog.

I’d say I watched far more shows this year, than I think I’ve watched in the previous year. Some interesting, some dozy and some just meh. So to celebrate this little joy-us occasion, I’m listing out the top 5 openings for this years show that stood out for me, which I enjoyed not skipping out on. Click on the title to see a video for the opening of the show.

So let’s get started on!!.

#5. Ore Monogatari: Miraikei Answer (futuristic Answer) – Trustrick

This track just smacks of a typical, bubbly, happy pop song. And it is. The opening for the show just captures the essence of what this show is. You just have to watch it to find out. Never would I’ve thought a shoujo rom-com would interest me (can’t say this enough times).

#4. Re-Kan!: Karafuru Sutōrī (Colourful story) – Every♥ing

Another pop entry. Not too dissimilar from the above entry. Very enjoyable to listen to, and easy to get your head bopping to. Any one who has read my shoddy blog will know I bleat on about this little show.

#3. Noragami Aragato: Hey Kids! – The Oral Cigarettes

I haven’t seen the 1st season of Noragami, but the second one. Oh boy, it was one heck of a sequel, one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yato, Yukine and Hiyori have become my fav trio. Yato and Yukine interactions is just hilarious, whilst Hiyori brings in the feels. When Yato got his little shrine, it is a touching scene. Since Yato is literally an unknown deity. So when he got his little shrine from Hiyori, he pestered the shrine office and for his efforts (more like to get rid of him as he became a nuisance to them) he got a tiny portion of land allocated to him.

#2. God Eater: Feed A – OldCodex

This show took me by surprise. Video game to anime don’t translate very well. But this one did. Now the opening is more grungier than the last entries, so it’s a matter of taste as to what appeals. It’s a shame that there are only 4 (13 in total) episodes left to be aired, so it’s kind of pointless in having a large break – just to have the last 4 air in the “winter”. Not to mention the video game is pretty much done. So there is no excuse for lack of source material. The animation is very different. Ufotable are fast becoming a leading animation studio that can push shows with high quality and be versatile in their art at the same time.

Before I get to my top entry, there are those that didn’t quite make it to the list, but you can check them out. These are my

Honourable Mentions:

Cross Ange (OP2): Shinjitsu no Mokushiroku (The record of revelation)

DanMachi – Hey World!

Owari no Seraph: X.U

Charlotte: Bravely You

Overlord: Clattonia

And finally the track that sits at top of the list is…..

#1. Arslan Senki: Boku no Kobata dewa nai Kore wa bokutachi no kobata (These are our words, not mine) – Uverworld 

Geez, that is one of the longest titles I’ve come across for an anime opening. Well the show left many with polarising view points or just left them scratching their heads. And I can’t blame them, the show certainly let itself down in various ways; from art to pacing being the main ones. If you have patience as a virtue then it is an enjoyable show to watch. As for the song, very J-pop/rock which is no surprising since it is Uverworld.


And there you have it, this has been my top 5 openings for this years anime showing. What shows openings have been your favourite this year?. Do you agree or disagree with the ones listed?. Let me know in the comment section down below!.


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Openings of 2015

  1. yeah… god eater opening is really awesome for me… 4 more episodes? i think there are more project, the anime title are “god eater”, maybe next there will be sequel named “god eater burst” or anything else, poor lenka..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s what been pegged down by ANN (anime news network) and various other sites. It would be great if Ufotable continued with the god eater projects – if there are any on the table that is. I’m sceptical on that though. Keep rocking out to god eaters opening dude :D.


    1. Yup Arslan took the #1 spot for me as well. I left out fate tracks because I couldn’t decide as both deserved top spot. Euphy will have to give a listen to. Which seraph Tak??. XU or two souls by fripside?. Speaking of Euphy KyoAni are doing an anime that just might interest you 😀 Musaigen no Phantom World.


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