12 Days of Anime: Day 01 – Most sweetest couple

And so, we’ve finally come to the last post for this little challenge. And to end it, I went for the sweetest couple. Rinko and Takeo from ore monogatari. Takeo being a loveable goof, isn’t liked by many girls due to his physique. Despite having a muscular body. His face is off-putting, is over-bearing and doesn’t know anything about personal space. However he has a heart of gold. And out of all the girls he ever had a crush on, Rinko Yamato is the first (technically second).

Long story short, he got the girl. I’m not in to rom – com, but this one certainly had me watching. The live action one on the other hand….from the screen shot(s). Some of the cast, look like they’ve got wigs on.



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