12 Days of Anime: Day 03 – Most over rated series

Where do I begin with this… with out turning this post in to a massive tirade. This entire franchise is a massive let down. Why is it so popular, beggars belief. And to hear that it got another series!!!!!. Question; why??. Why do we need another SAO series?. When the last two are poor in every conceivable way. We don’t need another season from this poor franchise. And yet Accel World gets shafted.

It’s a good thing I’ve stalled on my review on this series. Otherwise it would have been a massive guttering of this utter shamble of a franchise.

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: Day 03 – Most over rated series

    1. Yeah I heard about that Judge :D. Tiny problem, it’s an original series, meaning it doesn’t continue the story. The LN has Haru adorning the armour of disaster, he even produces new moves like the laser lance, stuff like that.

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  1. “And yet Accel World gets shafted”
    Probably because Accel World has an “unusual” main character.

    I watched little bit of SAO, and I don’t think it’s as good as people had said. It’s pretty average, but I wouldn’t call it terrible.

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    1. Over rated is a harsh term, average would have been a more suitable term used. Most can’t get past that initial impression of the main character Haru. At it’s core the series had a more deeper meaning “being accepted for you”. Since most of the characters in Accel world have been bullied or suffered some mental / psychological trauma they need to over come.


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