12 Days of Anime: Day 07 – Most under-rated show

For me, the most under rated show of this year is: Re-Kan!. Now you would have read me raving about this little show in some comment sections and blog posts.

The show is one of those little gems that pass you by. Some will go ‘meh’. And fair enough to them. For me, this show became a small break or come down from all the other shows I was watching at the time. Whilst they were all heavy, gunz all blazing action orientated shows. This wasn’t any of that. It was a nice, mild paced, pleasant show. Where it didn’t throw all those fore mentioned things in my face. Which I felt I needed break from now and again. It also has its comedic moments as well. Which helped the tranquillity of the show.

10 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: Day 07 – Most under-rated show

    1. Edited:

      The show is about Amami Hibiki who can see & talk to ghosts. These ghosts are friendly and don’t harm her in anyway. Amami has a group of friends, whilst can’t see the ghosts tend to be more accepting of the fact that she can. There are some comical moments in the series regarding the ghosts and the group. The show itself is episodic for the most part. It is a sweet show.

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