12 Days of Anime: Day 11 – Oh noes!, I’m such a boy scout

Now this kind of relates to anime..sort of. Even though it’s more gaming. Anyone who has read my post will know, I’m pretty much a gamer. Casual at that. Now this video, gets me in stitches at times.

The VA is just cheesy. The lines are hilarious at times, however the charm is there. And it’d actually make a good anime. The music however, just rocks. I really do enjoy this franchise. For anyone who has watched or heard Blaz Blu: alter of memory, is the spiritual successor to this game: Guilty Gear. I love this game. Ky Kiske is my favourite character in this game. Sol Badguy is also another good character. There is a new Guilty gear game out called guilty gear Xrd for the PS 3 / 4. Check it out.

Easter egg: There are some Queen (or other rock bands) hints through out, see if you can spot them ;).


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