Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 05 – The Cursed Man (pt 2)

Episode thoughts:

So we’re continuing on from where the last episode left off, Sakurako wanting to solve the mystery behind the curse of Fujioka’ family.

Fujioka takes the gang to the see the “cursed” painting. He doesn’t allow his wife to come in and clean the room, very secretive indeed. Since it is related to his work. Sakurako suspects the painting might be toxic, which naturally shocks everyone. So she has them wear a mask. Shoutarou notices a smell. He also notices the green is still vibrant on the painting. Sakurako notes that compound used in the painting is toxic. For that reason, the compound was disused. The painting was hung up for 3 months in Fujikoa office. However it was in storage for the most part. Sakurako thinks it might been in stored in poor conditions. She notes that a type of mould grows on wall paper.

| When I look at this painting while holding my baby, I truly feel at peace

— Fujikoa, episode 4

This mould is known to let off an arsenic gas, called diethyl arsine. The smell has this garlicky smell to it – which is the hall mark for this type of gas. Fujkoa’ wife pleads everyone to get out of the room. However, Sakurako just opens the window, to let fresh air in. Sakurako noticed tell tale signs of arsenic poisoning. These appeared on Fujikoa’ nails. They are called mees lines. She instructs them get themselves checked out. The case seemed to be solved.

Points of Interest:

  • The painting of a forest has been in Fujikoa family for generations
  • Scheele green – a pigment that was used in 18th-19th century
  • The pigment or the colour is arsenic in nature
  • Arsenic was readily available during that time period – used in dyes for dress, wall paper and facial locations
  • A painting with arsenic compound, being stored in poor conditions and heavy rain lead to a mould growing
  • Scopulariopsis brevicaulis – a type of mould that grows on wall paper

BB 5 - 1BB 5 - 2

What an episode!! :D. To think something so simple could undo an entire family. Although it is hinted that something else could have also been the case. This episode really pulled away from the last one. The pacing was just right for this episode. My initial suspicion of the last episode building up the tension for this, was spot on. And it didn’t fail to deliver.

The emotional aspect hit quite well with Miyuki pleading that her husband should live with her and the baby. I did find it funny that Utsumi sobbed like a baby. But surprised that Shoutarou teared up as well. Manly tears were wept that day.

One thing that did surprise me, since when did Sakurako become a painting appraisal??. I mean she seems to be just good at everything. And anything. Well the plot demands it, but heck I’ll over look it. As for the episode, sure there were certain hints given through out the show, foreshadowing certain events that would play itself out. But she is just damn cool, she stays cool too. Even deducing the main reason why Fujikoa did what he did.

All though I wonder what she meant at the end.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: B

 Here’s to other episodes!!!.


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