Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Episode Review: 04 – Unshackled

Episode thoughts:

My apologise for the late review on this one peeps. It’s been a while since I last updated on this. So without much further ado. Let’s kick off this review.

Julis heads over to the place where the black mailer told her to go. There she confronts her black mailer. His name is Silas Norman. He looks like a snivelling, weasel type student, that is so typically found in these type of shows – it isn’t that surprising these days. Now it appears he was part of the group that tried to stop a fight. But it appears Julis saw through that little façade. And saw him as the one that instigated the whole thing. Which reinforces my opinion on him. As being the coward that puts on a front, but will be ready to back stab you. Lester arrives, and it turns out he is also part of Silas plan.

| P-Put me down this instance!, I have no intention of hindering you!

— Julis, episode 4

Lester and Julis have a small skirmish with Silas “forces”, who reveal themselves as puppets. Silas overpowered Lester, and went for Julis. Julis being a capable fighter held her own, but even she became overwhelmed. Silas, being the weasel that he is, had perverted things on his mind. There was some small talk, which Julis noticed that there was some other power at work – behind the scenes. Silas confirmed this, via through his reaction. Just when things were looking really bad for Julis, Ayato the ever dashing white knight, came flying in through the window like an angel – similar to the first episode. But not so ecchi, if you know what I mean. At that moment a show down between Silas and Ayato with Julis began.

Points of interests:

  • CGI is used for the puppets
  • Ayato becomes Julis “knight” or protector
  • Ayato unlocks his full potential
  • 6 type of puppets can move at a time – individually
  • 16 puppets executing a certain pattern of moves – the rest make simple moves
  • Ayato’ sister had imprisoning skills – which hinders Ayato latent powers

Asterisk 4 - 1Asterisk 4 - 2

This episode is just mediocre. For an episode that meant to focus on Julis resolving an issue, it really did no justice for her. As it went straight back to being Ayato centric. It was cool to see Julis wiping Silas puppets. Even if it was just for a small moment. Now I don’t want to repeat myself – it made her look weak, and to make this episode even more average than it is. For one of the top contenders in the Phoenix festa, it made Lester; a semi-rival of Julis – look weak. I mean really weak. And they implied he was supposed to be tough in the earlier episodes, so what the hell happened there??. Nerfing a character to the ground is a good thing?.

As for Ayato – wow he really is over powered. As I initially thought from the first episode. And what a way to confirm it. His speed is faster than the speed of sound, he flies like an angel and he can analyse everything all within a few seconds without getting hit. Wow, if this isn’t an over-powered character than I don’t know what is. I guess the only good thing, is that he had that restraint on him by his sister. Which reigned in his over-powered being – which is a good thing?. Does it make it better?, no.

The fight choreographer were just plain crummy and boring. No impact of attacks. No feeling for this fight. No nothing. I supposed to feel something, that our “knight” just saved the princess. And I’m just scratching my head thinking “am I supposed to feel something here”.  Because I sure as hell felt nothing. The only mildly interesting thing is the “political” shenanigans going on in the back ground regarding the school. The CGI used for the puppets, were just awful. They stuck out….in a bad way. What’s making this anime going; is the story and the growing relationship between Julis and Ayato.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: C

 Hope the episodes get better from here on out.


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