Autumn / Winter first impression: Monster Strike

Studio: Studio Hibari

Director: Ichikawa, Kazuya | Air Date: 10/10/2015


Monster strike, hold any pocket sized monsters all in the palm of your hand!.

That opening line of mine pretty much describes what monster strike is. It’s quintessentially a modern version of pokemon via the use of smartphones and apps, instead of throwing pokeballs and finding pokemon.

The story follows Ren Homura, a teenager that has returned to his child hood home town. However he suffers from memory loss and doesn’t recall much whilst living there. From what seems like a normal day for him, changes drastically. When he spots an app on his phone and ends up getting challenged to monster strike by a man. From there he meets his battling monster; Oragon. A pun on the word dragon no doubt.

This show is predominately aimed at children. Since the length of the show is only 8 mins long.

It isn’t bad, the charm is there. Will it do better than any other kids show, in order to replace the king of pocket-sized monster show pokemon. I doubt it.

For me, this anime is a:

Priority: Low

Screen-shot Gallery:
Gallery 1:

ms -1ms -2

Gallery 2:

ms -3ms -4


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