Monthly Round-up: November 30/11/2015

Hey up everyone 😀

Well this is my first time doing a monthly update. Normally I’d over-look doing something like this, but thought “hey why not give it a try”. I’ve already got a fair bit going on with this blog. So adding more to it, might be some what of a daft thing to do xDD. But it sure looks fun to try it out – will it be a permanent thing?, who knows :P. So let’s get started.

Guild Wars 2:

At some point last month on one of my post, I said I’d be busy with Guild Wars 2: heart of thorns. Well I was semi accurate. I didn’t get the expac till about 2-3 weeks after it came out. This being due to budget and the delivery times. I am spending time in the game. And it is a lot of fun, doing the meta-events, masteries and other things. I spent two years on the Whiteside Ridge EU server, I had a blast there, now this is going to contradict – but I felt I didn’t belong there. Other reasons compelled me as well. So I felt it was time to move on. So I tried out the NA servers – a much higher tier (ranked) server, than I was on. I lasted only a week on it. The reason was due to my rl friend who also purchased HoT along with me. So I moved back to the EU server; Fissure of Woe, a different one. To help him out. I felt more at home on this one. For the two years that I was on Whiteside, I never joined a squad in WvW. Ever. Came back to the EU, and I joined a squad. Says a lot. Working towards my legendary pre-cursor crafting, been wanting a legendary weapon for a while now.

Revising episodic review & changes to the blog:

If you’ve read this post then you’ll know what I’ve been up to regarding the episodic reviews. Basically I’m revising them. And having a different approach to the way I used write them. Without giving spoilers away. Also, I’ve met my post quota (including this post) for this month. Hence why the slow down. They should resume coming up for next week (hopefully). More like as soon as this infernal chesty cough abates!. Which is what I’m really aiming for. And if you read this little post; it gives out some great tips on managing your blog. You can ignore it.

Now for the main meat of this post. The animes.

Currently watching:

Gausen Toshi Asterisks – more commonly known as Asterisks wars. Not much to say, since I’m doing episodic reviews on this. It does gets compared to another anime though.

Beautiful Bones – A corpse is buried under Sakurako’ feet –  or just Beautiful bones for short. Again not much to say, since there is episodic reviews going on. I will say this, for a mystery genre. This is really enjoyable. I really love Sakurako, she is just awesome. Serious, but not too series.

Arslan Senki – episodic review, though the progress on it… is slow. Much like the anime.

Overlord – Much like the above.

Dragon ball super: well a nice return to Toriyama’ much loved franchise. The series is pretty much a retelling of the two movies that came out; resurrection f and battle of the gods. The series has progressed on to resurrection f now. Battle of the gods was pretty slow and even dull at times. A nice edition to the series is that SSJ (super saiyan) gets an upgrade. There is NO SSJ4!!! SINCE IT IS NON-CANNON.

Owari no Seraph Nagoya Kenseen-Hen: This post pretty much tells you as to what is going on. The second half is a heck of a lot better than the first half.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry: Better known as Cavalry. This is the other anime that Asterisks gets compared to. The most funniest bit is when Ikki takes his shirt off, to try and make things all “equal” when he saw Stella in her under wear.

Noragami Aragoto: I didn’t see the first season, so I came in blind on this one. Have to say, it is damn good. I enjoy watching Yato’ antics. The good thing about this anime is that it doesn’t alienate new comers. It tries to fill in as much back log as it can. Whilst continuing the series.

Kowabon: This anime can be unsettling, especially if you watch it at night / dark. It is a short horror anime. If you can call it that, since they use roto-scoping. However what spoils it a bit or rather takes away the atmosphere, is the end credits.

Stalled / Dropped:

These are the animes that have either been dropped or stalled.

Gundam Iron Blood Orphans: Stalled

Akagami no Shirayukihime: Stalled

Watamote: Stalled

Heavy Object: Dropped

Owarimonogatari: Stalled

Sound! Euphonium: Dropped

Well guys that is it, I don’t want to makes this post any longer than it already is. I understand if you just skimmed read, or skipped certain parts. I don’t blame you for it. Let me know what you guys thought of the monthly round-up / date. What’s going on your blog?. Are you planning on doing the 12 days of X-mas challenge. Have you been nominated for challenges or about to embark on the 30 day challenge?. Let me know, down in the comment section (make yourself comfortable too).

Take care guys 😉


8 thoughts on “Monthly Round-up: November 30/11/2015


    Moreover, ooh, welcome to ‘that’ side of blogging — the monthly update side, that is 😉 I’ve been in the biz since I started, and I think they’re relaxing, rubric-free posts that are more personal and appealing to me. Even though the anime you’re currently watching sound meh, at least it sounds like November treated you well! I am testing Crunchyroll’s free trial, so I’m trying to watch nonstop without ads for as long as I can. Speaking of updates, though, I still need to get mine out there, thanks for the reminder.

    Keep on keeping on, and whatever you do (or don’t) — DONT STOP THE EUPH!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same to you Takuto :D. Looking forward to reading your monthly update xDD. Now this is going to be really cheeky of me ;), but I use ad-block plus whilst watching anime on crunchy roll or any other site for that matter. Cool, I’ve wanted to try out the free trial too. But haven’t really gotten around to it.

      Out of the bunch I’m watching, beautiful bones is the best one by far. If you like mystery shows like CSI, Bones that is. Granted it aims itself at an older audience. It’s certainly worth a look at least.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s an add on for your web browser. It stops all unwanted ads popping up for when you go to sites that bombard you with ads. If you go to other anime streaming sites (other than crunchy roll) it is a god send.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I main an Engineer mostly & Guardian. I also have a warrior, ranger and necro. Engies are one of the hardest class to master. Their attack rotation depends on your build, so you could find yourself “playing the piano” ie moving your finger across the keyboard in succession and they are the only class to have access to (3 or 4) weapons. Yeah, that would surprise a lot of people.

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