First Impressions: Broken Blade (Movie)

 Studio: Production I.G / Xebec

Director: Testuro, Amino | Air Date: 29/05/2010

What do you get if you had a mature, older pilot(s) in a mecha, fantasy setting?. Something that is NOT gundam, that is for sure.

Broken blade or break blade as it is known in Japan, is exactly that. A mecha series that aimed at an older, mature audience. Since the main characters are all in their mid 20’s. And not in their teens. For the record, I’ll be calling it broken blade.

Broken blade follows the story of Rygart Arrow, a laid back, care-free guy, who just happen to be an un-sorcerer who is able to pilot a golem. In the broken blade world, magic is used to operate just about everything. Even mechas called golems. Anyone who isn’t able to use magic, are called un-sorcerer. They basically do things manually. Society generally look down upon these people. I don’t know if there is any discrimination. As the anime never explicitly says. Just that most have never met an un-sorcerer.

The country of Krisna is under attack from Athens (yes you read that correct). An imperialistic country, whose wealth far out weigh what Krisna has (x5 times as stated by a character).

This invasion has brought together 4 old friends. Whose loyalties and friendships are tested. Will their friendship last?.

Now before I continue on with the impression. Broken blade is a movie containing 6 parts. There is a TV series (12 episodes) that aired last year. I’m watching the movie. Now with that out of the way.

Broken blade certainly is different – this mainly due to the characters & the world. The war story with it’s political intrigue is interesting enough. As it isn’t over done – nor does it do much either. The explanation for the invasion of Krisna is pretty flimsy and petty. The world, for all it’s high tech stuff – still use candles as lights, which is just baffling. No further expo dump is given on the world. Which is funny seeing it caught my attention.

The characters are interesting. I like Rygart, as he is refreshing and isn’t this; angst, broody male lead. But rather one, who would rather avoid conflict and put little effort in to anything. But has to fight in the end. The nicknames that the 4 obtained during their time in military school is amusing. Rygart; the king of make-up tests. Hodr; the one who would rather not be king, and stares up at the sky, Sigyn; the mad scientist and Zess; straight-laced Zess.

The animation is pretty good. The fight choreography is okay, but can drag out and it kind of lacks any sense of having your adrenalin pumping up. The attacks just lack any meaningful impact.

Can Xebec, dethrone the king of mecha series Sunrise?. Well as an alternative, they do okay. Their story telling can drag.

For this;

The initial impression this anime left me feeling:

Overall impression: Intrigued

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