Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 04 – The Cursed Man (Pt1)

Episode thoughts:

Well continuing on from the last episode, our two loveable duo are back on another case. This time at the behest of Utsumi, the bumbling but enjoyable police officer from the highly charged episode 2. We do seem to get some re-occurring characters from previous episode – so at least we do get a bit of continuity in the series. And not have them come out of the blue.

Shoutarou is an only child and looks after his mother, what isn’t explained is how he lost his father. So that little exposition dump humanises the character. Knowing that his mother suffers from high blood pressure, worries him. When Utsumi calls him, to get Sakurako to join in a puzzling case. It involves an old friend of Utsumi called Fujiko. They head over to Sakurako’ place knowingly that she will more or less scoff at the idea of such things as “curses”. And she does, since she is a lady of science and logic, she has no use for such illogical murmurings as that. But she goes with them anyway. I love the bit when Utsumi throws in that an alleged “cursed dog” could be the source, when they are in the car. Shoutarou and Sakurako just look at him in utter disbelief. Sakurako seemed a little bit agitated of having too many people in the car. Since she is anti-social, so that is to be expected. Sakurako spots a car blocking their way, and makes a detour to Fujiko house, under the guidance of Utsumi’ direction.

| When coincidence overlap more than once

— Sakurako, episode 4

We are then introduced to Fujiko – Utsumi’ friend & his wife. And then the alleged “cursed dog” named Hector, who comes bounding in. And takes an immediate liking to Sakurako. Sakurako is knocked down by the dog, and a bit of her mid-rif is seen by Shoutaro, who I suspect has a thing for her, as the mere sight of seeing a small piece of her flesh made him blush. And Hector isn’t what Utsumi described in the car. From that point on, the gang talk about the alleged “curse” that has plagued Fujiko’ family for generations.

Points of Interest:

  • Shoutarou lost his father at an early age – he looks after his mother
  • Fujiko is from a well off family – his dad died when he was 36
  • Sakurako knows the story of Homer’ famous epic Greek poem – The Illiad
  • Fujiko’ wife is in to interior decoration – she thinks the house is gloomy enough as it is
  • Hector the dog really likes Sakurako
  • A “cursed” painting is also thrown in to the mix

bb4 - 1bb4 - 2

The episode for the most part is very slow. Much slower than episode 3. There weren’t much going on, at all through out the episode. Though it is understandable as there is another episode to it. So they wanted the episode to have a slow build up I suppose, so when the case resolves it will have this massive climax to it. Sakurako didn’t have much part in this episode which is a shame, the only major bits that she did have; is at the beginning – for when she shot down Utsumi logic on curses and right at the end. She did throw this hidden jealous look at Shoutarou, when he went to help out Fujiko’ wife. It really is abundantly clear that she likes having Shoutarou’ attention on her. And only on her.

It is good to see Utsumi again. The dynamic between Shoutaro and Utsumi is nice, they seem to be friends, as they get along with each other. And despite Utsumi being a police officer, he trusts Shoutarou and Sakurako. Sakurako may seem to be annoyed with him, but she puts up with him. Which tells me she is opening up to people – slowly.

For this episode, I’ve given it:

Episode Grade: D+

Not a bad episode. Certainly dragged a bit.


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