UPDATE: Re-writing/working on episode reviews

Hey up everyone :),

Well you’re probably wondering as to where I’ve gone for the past week or so. Well I’ve been doing some evaluation on my blog. Particularly the episodic reviews ones. I’ve been reading them, with more earnestly. And evaluating them. To be honest, the approach isn’t that good. So I’m tweaking it (or gutting it – depending on how you see it). The current format of; quote, bold coloured texts, screen shots and points of interests are staying. These are my chosen formats.

Before I started Asterisks, I did have an approach in mind. But I wasn’t sure as to how to implement it, so I kind of rushed it; so I uniformed it along with the other three. As some of you all know on my last blog, making drastic changes whilst unannounced, is pretty common. And it left a very jarring, disconnected feel to the way I did things. When I re-started, I aimed to limit major changes made on this blog. This is important to me. As consistency of writing and thematics was a major issue on my old blog. The fact that I’ve kind of fallen back in to my old habits – can be a bit irksome.

So as stated above, I’m re-writing/working all 3 episode reviews. And then continue onwards with them. Why I decided so long to re-do them, I have no idea – but it’s a good thing it’s only 3 episodes. This hopefully will only be the major change or “tweak” made on this blog.

To see the changes made, you can check out the Arslan Senki episode 1 review (there’s only one post anyway).

And I’ll see you around guys ;).

EDIT: There will a new addition to the format I’ve chosen.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Re-writing/working on episode reviews

  1. I think you are too much of a perfectionist 🙂 Don’t worry about tweaking old content, just move on and write new reviews in the new style. One thing I have learned from blogging is that very few readers bother to check my back catalog.

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